Why Are F1 Drivers Unlapped After A Red Flag?

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Big questions were raised over red flags in the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix. We answer how Hamilton got his lap back and why him reversing onto a live track was fine.
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  1. z DOC
    z DOC
    Dag geleden

    Does Hamilton say thank you after you finish knobbing him off?

  2. Pecuniarly
    Dag geleden

    Why not have the lapped drivers start from the pit straight, maybe even with a 10 second extra time before they may exit? Then they are not in the way and they also don't get too much advantage; they wouldn't be able to overtake any not-lapped cars during the restart.

  3. Eugenius The Great
    Eugenius The Great
    3 dagen geleden

    Can anyone explain why the laps under the safety car still count as race laps (even though no actual racing is happening)? Is it because the teams are still allowed to pit and potentially gain advantage?

  4. Charts 2712
    Charts 2712
    4 dagen geleden

    We only complain about the mercedes team because you know, mercedes, they are bad.

  5. Luciano Arebalo
    Luciano Arebalo
    4 dagen geleden

    You wanna know what REALLY ruins the driving spectacle? Having one person win the championship 8 times in a row with almost no close calls whatsoever

  6. Gareth Strachan
    Gareth Strachan
    5 dagen geleden

    I don't like how cars can change tyres after a red flag. Yeah, I understand damage to a car should be repaired if poss but tyre wear is part of a race. A potentially bonkers end to a recent Monaco GP, with the top three had much different levels of worn rubber. If only they could have continued their fight rather than bolting on new black circles...

  7. stjepan60
    6 dagen geleden

    You should change name to Hamilton WTFanboy

  8. Steve LaVergne
    Steve LaVergne
    10 dagen geleden

    Putting the lapped cars at the back for safety and competition, yes. That's not the question. It's why should they be allowed to get the lap back. You could put them at the rear while still keeping them a lap down.

  9. Zahara C
    Zahara C
    11 dagen geleden

    Stupid of you as a content creator to taunt fans just because they are impassioned about a driver or drivers one way or another. I wouldn't care much for your content after this.

  10. A R
    A R
    11 dagen geleden

    I thought there was a rule you couldn't benefit from a teammate crashing? Renault Crashgate And if safety is a concern why allow lapping in the first place ?

  11. Patrick Cody
    Patrick Cody
    12 dagen geleden

    I think a good way to do it would be to stagger the start by how long each cars are behind and from the pit lane. Norris is 23 seconds behind? Start him 23 second after verstappen, who’s in the lead. This is just an idea on the spot so there’s prob a good few flaws

  12. Leo Charles
    Leo Charles
    13 dagen geleden

    I love it when you OWN the stupidity from people on twitter in your videos!

  13. danielrowling
    14 dagen geleden

    The rules aren't an issue ofcourse but god damn does hamilton get a break everytime he fucks up. I don't know why he is that lucky.

  14. pranvera frasheri
    pranvera frasheri
    15 dagen geleden

    Hey wtf1 you are......................AMAZING!

  15. Scott Gregory
    Scott Gregory
    16 dagen geleden

    new to F1 so I still don't understand. Why not put the back-markers behind everyone who lapped them, still a lap down, and the other drivers in front of them, still a lap up? the back markers would be moved back a bit, but technically they wouldn't lose or gain any positions.

  16. McPlayer8t
    16 dagen geleden

    I think the solution is just to put the back markers at the back of the train. Rather than giving the lap back. You don’t go giving away free laps to drivers, it makes no sense.

  17. Mr Bungle
    Mr Bungle
    17 dagen geleden

    I dont blame people thinking the crash was scripted,how did it happen the same exact lap exactly,between those exact drivers

  18. Josh h
    Josh h
    18 dagen geleden

    Can matt get any more unlikeable? he used to be so likeable, no hes just irritating.

  19. Loes Koster
    Loes Koster
    18 dagen geleden

    Everyone who is one lap behind:unlapped haas last race was to Laps behind and only got 1 lap unlapped

  20. Jonny Walker
    Jonny Walker
    18 dagen geleden

    Lewis Hamilton fan boy haha #fakechamp #fakeknight #BLMracist How anyone can support the bloke is beyond me.

  21. awesomeness is me 42
    awesomeness is me 42
    19 dagen geleden

    Matt, just accept that you’re a Hamilton defender and supporter.

  22. Lee Fall
    Lee Fall
    19 dagen geleden

    Whats next? "Why is there a pit lane speed limit..?"

  23. Ranjan Manohar
    Ranjan Manohar
    19 dagen geleden

    Thanks for the move to 60 fps!

  24. Swivvy
    20 dagen geleden

    I myself thought it was wrong for Hamilton or any other driver* to reverse onto the track, whether you have assistance or not to say it's clear, it still doesn't seem safe. Especially when a few years back (don't remember the drivers name) flew into the JCB which was off the track completely. Edit: Hamilton or any other driver*

  25. kavindu illeperuma
    kavindu illeperuma
    21 dag geleden

    Video idea : how the track is cleared after an accident

  26. Cugix
    21 dag geleden

    My only thought on this comment is: When ever Hamilton is critized for anything you protect him to highwater. When it's someone else you actually evaluate both sides of the stories rather than being disrepectful.

  27. Frodi 131
    Frodi 131
    21 dag geleden

    my question is: Why where the Hass still a Lap behind (right after the restart) ? @WTF1 i cant understand it. do you get only 1 lap back ?

  28. nils1997
    21 dag geleden

    Are you a Hamilton-Haters-Hater?

  29. satakrion kryptomortis
    satakrion kryptomortis
    21 dag geleden

    i think in case of red flag all drivers should have to stop there cars just right where they are when the flap is pulled and have to sit in their cars until they can continue or race is declared dead.

  30. Stuart Anderson
    Stuart Anderson
    21 dag geleden

    No F1 fan I know would have considered the crash by GR on VB as a way to help LH!

  31. Joshua Powers
    Joshua Powers
    21 dag geleden

    Then you put the cars a lap down behind the cars on the lead lap if the race is haulted. Because you know, they're literally on a different number lap.

  32. wernsbons
    22 dagen geleden

    I understand unlapping for safety reasons during a safety car situation, but not a red flag. Surely all cars can simply be reshuffled into their position order while still holding their number of laps completed?

  33. Utetopia
    22 dagen geleden

    I still dont see what the order on track has to change. Under normal racing conditions lapped cars are between frontrunners, so those three cars between Verstappen and LeClerc would still be in between. As for the restart, well... why cant they enter the pits in the order they are on track from when the Red Flag is flown? Verstappen could be half way around the track, and 3 cars between him and pit lane when the Flag is shown. But those 3 cars enter pit lane first, then comes Verstappen and the cars behind. There's enough information through the telecast to tell who is on what lap and what their actual positions are. We manage during a live race, too.

  34. bhawani singh
    bhawani singh
    22 dagen geleden

    all the other tracks were street tracks so they have to reverse but not in case of lewis at imola. you are biased clearly.

  35. That Terence Guy
    That Terence Guy
    22 dagen geleden

    Cars unlapping themselves made sense to me before the explanation, but I'm glad this video cleared that up even more (and made the idiots look more like idiots). I was curious as to why Hamilton was allowed to reverse onto the track, but I assumed it that was just the way it worked.

  36. James Dunn
    James Dunn
    22 dagen geleden

    It seems clear to me that toto gave the order for Hamilton to take out George Russell because it would be too embarrassing for Mercedes to be overtaken by Williams and they’d rather a Hamilton dnf than that BUT Hamilton missed and went onto the gravel which meant that it was left to Bottas to take out Russel and so that’s what he did.

  37. Deepak G.S
    Deepak G.S
    22 dagen geleden

    On the other hand, this appears to be a Lewis Hamilton Fan channel!

    1. Malcolm X
      Malcolm X
      17 dagen geleden

      On the other hand, those are the facts

  38. Mitch May
    Mitch May
    22 dagen geleden

    They should not be allowed to unlap them selfs. The starting order should re re ordered so that the people on the lead lap are first and then the people that are a lap down should follow behind the last person on the lead lap, and still a lap down

  39. CamoWasHere
    22 dagen geleden

    This just felt like a Hamilton defence video...

    1. Malcolm X
      Malcolm X
      17 dagen geleden

      Well basically it’s, cause some f*ckers don’t know the rules but just how to talk shit about Hamilton.

  40. shawa666
    22 dagen geleden

    Sure, having the field in running order is safer. That doesn't explain why the lapped cars have to be unlapped. Thay could be sent at the back of the field by having the lead lap cars pass them in the formation lap.

  41. Triple P Productionz
    Triple P Productionz
    22 dagen geleden

    an f101 id like to see is what does a track need to get the FIA's approval for F1 to race on? i wanna know why they're using a janky pop up circuit in the parking lot for an NFL stadium when Daytona International Speedway is just a few hours north

  42. LA Wright
    LA Wright
    22 dagen geleden

    I love the fact that you call out the Lewis haters. No matter what he does some people find fault in, haters please get a life.

  43. fabio perez
    fabio perez
    22 dagen geleden

    Reversing on street circuits makes sense.

  44. Erik Ostby
    Erik Ostby
    22 dagen geleden

    But for real though, lewis gets front wing damage, makes a mistake and goes a lap down. Then by some miraculous luck the Merc junior driver just happens to make a rookie mistake in a place where a number of others passed using drs with no issue. Now lewis gets his lap back and ends up p2 #crashgate2.0

  45. gangstersteve DJ
    gangstersteve DJ
    22 dagen geleden

    Yes those people you mean me lol

  46. Daniel Martínez Romero
    Daniel Martínez Romero
    22 dagen geleden

    Guys, did you answered why the wheels are just Pirelli? I mean, why other brands can’t be used in F1?

  47. ManaWearBlack
    22 dagen geleden

    What a waste of a video. Cars close together = good. So we find any excuse or way to make cars close together. If you read this as video starts you save 3 minutes of your life, take care x

  48. Jolly Simp
    Jolly Simp
    22 dagen geleden

    You addressed why they shouldn’t be placed in front of let’s say a second or third but why not just start them 1-20 and if you’re a lap down you’re a lap down. So the order would be by race position but if you were lapped you just stay lapped

  49. Andrew J
    Andrew J
    22 dagen geleden

    Getting sick of these lazy ass WTF1 videos. Text on screen when you're verbally saying those exact words is dumb as shit. Not to mention all the stupid stock photos and emojis. Put in some more effort guys.

  50. Nefil 33
    Nefil 33
    22 dagen geleden

    Any reason why MSC and MAZ were not aloud to get to the leader lap? Why only get one lap back?

  51. Bart
    22 dagen geleden

    yeah except its BS. both haas's were 2 laps down and were only allowed to unlap themselfs once. for a 3 min video there is only 20 seconds of content.

  52. Mario Melendez
    Mario Melendez
    22 dagen geleden

    I think it's fair they can unlap themselves but drivers shouldn't be able to change tires in a red flag

  53. Made Bilan Asasia Binov
    Made Bilan Asasia Binov
    22 dagen geleden

    How about the 2 Haas?

  54. Timothy Mukansi
    Timothy Mukansi
    22 dagen geleden


    1. MYK
      22 dagen geleden

      LIL.They are fools.

  55. Dada Dittrich
    Dada Dittrich
    22 dagen geleden

    this crash remebmer me Singapur 2008

  56. Phantom Menace
    Phantom Menace
    22 dagen geleden

    So is this a Hamilton owned channel?? Why do most of their videos try to glorify or redeem him?? You can call me a hater but you'll be dumb to think Hamilton will win a formula one race in any other car apart from his Mercedes!!

  57. Bujor Ovidiu
    Bujor Ovidiu
    22 dagen geleden

    Your claim that we are just Hamilton haters makes you a snob and a dick. In the same situation Hamilton benefits from different rules compared to other drivers. Recently Vettel was penalized for a yellow flag that wasn't there. Last year, Hamilton was first cleared of any wrongdoing. Then the race stewards came back to that decision. No such hesitation was shown when there was Vettel. Why, Because Hamilton is black and black people are extremely privileged there days.

  58. Josaphat Febrian
    Josaphat Febrian
    22 dagen geleden

    Russell and Bottas's crash is scripted *all part of The Great Mercedes Masterplan*

  59. ibugcyclist
    22 dagen geleden

    Yeah but still doesn't explain why they are allowed to unlap themselves. You want to move the back markers out of the way, fine move them to the back of the field. Mind you I am against blue flags and back markers being made to move out of the way. All these drivers are paid a stack of money and are supposedly professional drivers if you're fast enough to lap someone then get past

  60. Krzysiekb24
    22 dagen geleden

    In terms of reversing on the track remember Senna didn't do it in 1989 and it costed him championship XDDDDD

  61. Matkin222
    23 dagen geleden

    Instead of letting them unlap themselves, just put them at the back in racing order. Or let them all (ie. Haas) get all of their laps back. Makes no sense to me that if being lapped is a danger at restart you only give them one lap back.

  62. Child Abuse Gamering
    Child Abuse Gamering
    23 dagen geleden

    Why the hell not?

  63. Johnny Appleseed
    Johnny Appleseed
    23 dagen geleden

    This video was made for the Hamilton Stans

  64. Sujay ram kumar
    Sujay ram kumar
    23 dagen geleden

    Matt is SLH fan confirmed (jk! jk!)

  65. Kruijshenny Vander Kruijs
    Kruijshenny Vander Kruijs
    23 dagen geleden

    May i ask a question from your inside knowledge ? Why does the fia still use that counterproductive way of letting cars bypass the safety car in case of Red vlag: 1:. It is unsafe as the cars on cold tires try as fast as possible to get Back in line, did cost bianchi his life 2: unfair: driving my ass of to get some Time ahead and for No reason it suddenly disappeared. At the whim of fia 3: you are at the mercy of the stewards to get a timebonus or not. Can we make a deal there ? 4: the cars behind the safety car Have cold tires and are suddenly confronted by the unlapped with Hot tires at working temp. 5: Hamilton would never get Back to 2nd, thus stealing points from lesser teams, and thus a lot of money at the End of the season. Where is the fairness ? 5a. Same with riciardo in baku a few year Back. A timed release system in the pitstraight would do nicely. 6: this Will always be to the advantage of the faster teams: More motorpower, easier overtaking, more undeserved points. 7: with this rule you open the door for cheating: it was a coincidence that bottas crashed Right after Hamilton lost a lap ? Please review the Suzuka incident of bianchi! There is absolutely no valid reason to maintain this system. No more safety car at all, only a virtual safety car or a timed release from the pit straight. 8: did bianchi die in Suzuka because of the cold tires and the bypass rule ? He would be still alive Without it. Maybe some More items i might Have forgotten ? Please try to free us from this stupid and highly unfair rule that is also very confusing for the average f1 fan

  66. Cobra Von
    Cobra Von
    23 dagen geleden

    If Hamilton retires who is gonna be the next target for people to hate on Verstappen?

  67. Žnj Žblj
    Žnj Žblj
    23 dagen geleden

    cars should be rearranged, and lapped cars should stay lapped, and behind at the restart... this Hamilton's mistake and then finishing 2nd was complete BS and totally unfair. imagine someone with the best car have such problems lapped more times, and still menage to get to the points, it's a slap for all these teams struggle to get few points during the season. due to the safety, red flag is not so rare like before so this kind of rules should be changed not soon but yesterday.

  68. ja ne is klar
    ja ne is klar
    23 dagen geleden

    99% of the "conspiracy theorists" are just making "its James" memes so chill out mate. And of course, many people hate on Lewis, just like people hated to see Michael and Sebastian win and win and win and win over and over again, that's just the nature of humans and the need to see exciting title fights.

  69. Nebuchadnezzar Quellcris
    Nebuchadnezzar Quellcris
    23 dagen geleden

    That crash was incredibly convenient though. That said, don't think it was scripted. Dude just got lucky

  70. Chicken Skin
    Chicken Skin
    23 dagen geleden

    Why are not all f1 cars equal?

  71. Tim Stine
    Tim Stine
    23 dagen geleden

    The thing this video completely ignores is that you can just put everyone in their correct running order, and keep the lapped cars a lap down. If Hamilton was in, oh, let's say 9th, and a lap down, just put him behind whoever is in 8th, who then goes directly behind whoever's in 7th. Giving the lap back just seems stupid. NASCAR (yeah I said it, fight me) does this every single race. literally just line them back up for the restart in whatever place they currently hold. No, I'm not angry Lando missed out on 2nd, why do you ask?????

  72. Photography is Not a crime
    Photography is Not a crime
    23 dagen geleden

    Listening to your very british accent its obvious who you root for. Yet you argue let the haters comment!! Yet two seconds later you are the hater yourself. However the rule of unlapping is utterly BS. One could argue to unlap but at least provide a half a lap distance between the front runners and the rest of the field in order to make sure the starting grit is in sequential order. Only seems fair no?

  73. Jari Sipilainen
    Jari Sipilainen
    23 dagen geleden

    Leader has gain 30 second and then noob crash.after restart.leader has bad tyres or something and finished 2 second behind.would it mean he won by 28 second.bcoz he had 30 gap before red flag. They should take lap times before red flag and correct them final results.it would be still fun watch.so there would be even more tactic.he could come change tires and finish 29s behind but still win race.no no lets group every car snd new collision csn hsppen.safety reason make new changes

  74. Jari Sipilainen
    Jari Sipilainen
    23 dagen geleden

    Yes but if lewis would be lead.red flag would not come?lol. Why not start race like it was before stop.its allways have new chance new big crash when race start again.for safety lol

  75. Antony Walton
    Antony Walton
    23 dagen geleden

    They are only unlapped so lewis can feel even more special and lap them again .

  76. Randall Wilson
    Randall Wilson
    23 dagen geleden

    I appreciate the explanation. It seemed strange that he was suddenly back on the lead lap.

  77. rbgosling
    23 dagen geleden

    There’s another issue of fairness - imagine if you are 11th, chasing down 10th and a point a few seconds in front. You are lapped by the leading car, the car in front is not. If lapped cars could not unlap themselves, you’d find at the restart that the car that was 2s ahead is now a whole lap ahead. That’s even more unfair than a car running 9th being able to unlap themselves, so then being much closer to the leader, but still with 7 drivers between them.

  78. Patrick Neill
    Patrick Neill
    23 dagen geleden

    Bravo Zulu, answered a lot.

  79. Brian Andersen
    Brian Andersen
    23 dagen geleden

    I’ve often wondered why not just have the cars align in order of running, or NASCAR’s allowing only the first car a lap down. That whole safety argument is complete nonsense if they were just in order of running.

  80. PandyTim BR
    PandyTim BR
    23 dagen geleden

    Odd to see people complaining about it, aren’t lapped cars like allowed to unlap themselves on a Safety car as well? Please correct me if I’m wrong

  81. James_GB
    23 dagen geleden

    Hamilton: *breathes* Haters: Surely he can’t do that, it’s against the rules

    1. MYK
      22 dagen geleden

      Hamilton be like:Imma do everything you don't want.

  82. LameCushion37109
    23 dagen geleden

    2:12 great job editing his face i have to say...

  83. Yahya Rajaee
    Yahya Rajaee
    23 dagen geleden

    “Those people exist”?? After all the crazy shit we saw you still mocking people who come up with this stuff? Yeah I guess crashgate was a conspiracy theory too

  84. Ralph e
    Ralph e
    23 dagen geleden

    I think it's bull shit I'm not a Hamilton hater but red flags and un lapping is a joke I remember when there were no safety cars only yellow flags which was unsafe(but anyone but the drivers liked)but now it's getting like NASCAR oh let's throw a safety car to "restart the race as it's gotten boring"

  85. lafayette jones
    lafayette jones
    23 dagen geleden

    Yall don't wanna see that black man win don't ya?...its cool just say that.

  86. B M
    B M
    23 dagen geleden

    Its to catch competitive cars back up. If a ar did this it has no effect. But a good merc or rb will gain huge advantage from this

  87. Lohith Reddy
    Lohith Reddy
    23 dagen geleden

    Clown video from a clown channel

  88. Haukeland
    23 dagen geleden

    Just so I got it the full picture. All the cases where other drivers reversed onto the track was at Monoco. The smallest and most narrow track there is. I'm not saying Lewis shouldn't have done it, he is just blessed x1000.

  89. António Duarte
    António Duarte
    23 dagen geleden

    This guy is such a merc boy... Always on the excuses for them and Lewis...

  90. Matthew Lui
    Matthew Lui
    23 dagen geleden

    Everyone knows that Russell crashing into Bottas wasn't scripted, it was Hamilton who used the force to push Russell into Bottas.

    1. MYK
      22 dagen geleden


  91. Larionof3
    23 dagen geleden

    One thing to consider with the lap down's: look at the race as a 300 km race on a route from A to B, not as 60ish laps. If a pace car or red flag collects all cars up, shouldn't the back markers be collected up as well? Earlier they were left 6 km behind the front markers and caused possible accidents, as told in the video. Now, they are got to the end of the front markers instead of being said 6, 12, 18 or more kilometres apart.

  92. Warfighter
    23 dagen geleden

    Can someone explain the restart rule after a red flag? I thought it's going to be a standing one like last year many times, I haven't found anything about deleting that rule this year, was it a rolling start due to weather conditions or what?

  93. JP Smit
    JP Smit
    23 dagen geleden

    Hamilton lovers, so dull! He made mistakes and he was lucky with the red flag, otherwise his position would have reflected his and his cars poor performance. Now everyone is praising his recovery drive?? It's time to face the music, he won't be winning anymore championships! He is old news and the new era kids are much better, not mentioning other past former champion drivers that would have done the same in that car for 6 years. Hamiltons true value as a racing driver will be exposed in the coming years. All the Hamilton sided predictions at the start of the season which includes wtf1's thoughts will be proven bias under the Hamilton British influence

  94. Brabaa Krishnan
    Brabaa Krishnan
    23 dagen geleden

    Its only becomes issues when it involves Hamilton.

  95. Sean Everard
    Sean Everard
    23 dagen geleden

    What about the thing where Checho got a penalty for retaking those 2 cars after he went off behind the yellow flag safety car and then Kimmi got a penalty for going off and then NOT retaking the places behind the safety car during the red flag rolling restart? Because even though both things are safety car restarts they have opposite rules on retaking places? I'm getting that right, right?

  96. stuntslikeeveryday
    23 dagen geleden

    2007 Nürburgring, remember?

  97. William Yawn
    William Yawn
    23 dagen geleden

    I had not known the rule. I grew up watching nascar and still think the lucky dog rule in that sport is fun but this makes sense as well. If we are gonna have a reset after a red flag then why not just go all in on it.

  98. Zach Malueg
    Zach Malueg
    24 dagen geleden

    Not saying this because of it helping Lewis or anything, but I really still don’t understand the ruling. Why can’t they just line the cars up by position and if you’re a lap down, you just stay a lap down? Idk. Just seems like an odd rule to me.

  99. Sam Rock Jr.
    Sam Rock Jr.
    24 dagen geleden

    Lol rite on mate

  100. Rob 69
    Rob 69
    24 dagen geleden

    How was max able to go off track and still keep his position

    1. Rob 69
      Rob 69
      23 dagen geleden

      @Žnj Žblj he still went off track . The car behind was nice and slowed down but had every right to over take him . Not saying he should have been penalized but wondered what the rule was

    2. Žnj Žblj
      Žnj Žblj
      23 dagen geleden

      he was not crashed into the wall nor overtaken... he just did a mistake and come back