What to do when your life becomes a mess.

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I don't judge a man by how long he stays on his feet, but by how quickly he gets back up after falling. Also some other things happen in this vlog:
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00:00 - Intro
00:14 - Starting the Day
00:42 - Playing Ninja with the bois
03:33 - Recording My Podcast With Thrill
04:07 - Cheating On My Diet
04:35 - 3Fortiori Goes Back to Texas
04:55 - Is Your Life A Mess?
06:10 - How To Get Your Life Back On Track
06:27 - Step 1: Clean Your Home
07:47 - The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up
08:19 - Step 2: Break A Sweat
09:23 - Step 3: Clean Your Body
10:12 - Step 4: Journal 10 Pages
12:35 - Watch Me Journal
13:27 - How I feel after Journaling 10 Pages Straight
14:57 - Getting "Lonely Nights" Mixed At The Studio
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    Thank you for watching my G. Go watch the full podcast episode featured in this vlog here: nlrock.info/loft/video/ZaB9sGmxoMKqrWI

    1. Yung KG
      Yung KG
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      @Rj Valerio I write about how I'm feeling, the thoughts I had that I didn't, or won't have a chance to speak with other people about. If its getting dry just search up some shadowork/journal prompts

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      Rj Valerio
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    Yoo i'm reaching out to you because i've been a fan of your channel for about a year now ,and tbh in my life i feel stuck like everything I do it just keeps ending me back up with the same bad habits that I've been trying to get rid of financially,physically and mentally i'm stuck and i thought being in the military would help but it just shows me how better off other ppl are doing than me and i don't compare myself to anyone but I just feel stuck. I gave up alcohol and vaping and tried working out more and being more focused on my job and studies but I just can't seem to get over this hurdle in life and I've prayed on it and left it too god but i'm reaching out too see if you can give me any advice that can help me in the future thanks and love the animations and vlogs you are hilarious.

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