Top 10 Times SpongeBob Squarepants Broke the 4th Wall

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These fourth wall breaking moments in SpongeBob go to show that this cartoon is like an aquarium - they know we’re out there. For this list, we’ll be looking back at some of the funniest instances of self-awareness in Bikini Bottom -and the hilarious reactions that follow. Our countdown includes Squidward’s pain, underwater physics, the disturbed family, and more! WatchMojo ranks the best fourth wall breaks in SpongeBob. What’s your favorite SpongeBob fourth wall break? Let us know in the comments!
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  1. Phoebe - WatchMojo
    Phoebe - WatchMojo
    Jaar geleden

    Did we miss any moments? Which one's your favourite!?

    1. Gemmy Fan 101
      Gemmy Fan 101
      Maand geleden


    2. Gamer Cat
      Gamer Cat
      3 maanden geleden

      Plankton telling the audience about getting a Krabby Patty

    3. Jervis-Jehan Laurent
      Jervis-Jehan Laurent
      3 maanden geleden

      0:22 fun fact: spongebob sings the theme son :o Spongebob voiced as Tom kenny

    4. Alex Krzywicki
      Alex Krzywicki
      3 maanden geleden

      @Anthony Grippo That was hilarious.

    5. Anthony Grippo
      Anthony Grippo
      3 maanden geleden

      The underwater tree in the clam riding episode where the mountain was turned upside down

  2. Connor Harding
    Connor Harding
    2 dagen geleden

    Top 10 Times Nickelodeon Shows Broken the 4th Wall

  3. Jhon Bonilla
    Jhon Bonilla
    5 dagen geleden

    Does anybody recognize the farmer dude in Born To Be Wild From Mustard O’ Mine?

  4. Noah Leopold
    Noah Leopold
    8 dagen geleden

    That moment when I saw Mr. Krab's human counterpart, I flashed back to Hank from Detroit.

  5. Alison Baquero-Cruz
    Alison Baquero-Cruz
    8 dagen geleden

    How much act mojo

  6. Vote4DahV
    14 dagen geleden

    Is this the first episode where we've actually seen the WatchMojo narrator? I'm confused...

  7. Gaming123
    21 dag geleden

    2:24 holy shit it's the guy from the flash

  8. Mysterious Sunshine
    Mysterious Sunshine
    27 dagen geleden

    Back at the Barnyard fourth wall breaks moments

  9. Olivia Shanks
    Olivia Shanks
    Maand geleden

    You can just tell how close the voice cast actually are. I love them so much.

  10. Amyaa Fetko
    Amyaa Fetko
    Maand geleden

    The gorilla episode thing literally horrified me as a kid

  11. bean kid
    bean kid
    Maand geleden

    Old Patrik is so sweet

  12. lampshades120
    Maand geleden

    I clicked on this video, and then I realized it was Watch Mojo so I clicked away, and then clicked back to make this comment

  13. AlphaDream Team
    AlphaDream Team
    Maand geleden

    9:40 oof

  14. Arthur Praxedes
    Arthur Praxedes
    Maand geleden

    0:54 that wasnt a horse thats a zebra u dum dum

  15. Kendon L. Taylor
    Kendon L. Taylor
    Maand geleden

    @2:19 Clancy Brown, he's the voice behind Crabby!?

  16. Daniel Phipps
    Daniel Phipps
    Maand geleden

    Watch mojo sucks. Stop talking over the episodes gd

  17. Shania Samuel
    Shania Samuel
    Maand geleden

    " 80,000 impressions later ,would you please stop immitatating me it's starting to get very annoying"

  18. Noah Langdon Reidy
    Noah Langdon Reidy
    2 maanden geleden

    Rip Stephen

  19. Kody Auxter
    Kody Auxter
    2 maanden geleden

    Wow. What an A+ Spongebob joke.

  20. Caroline and Mike 1950
    Caroline and Mike 1950
    2 maanden geleden

    Spongebob was my favorite cartoon

  21. Paz Talham
    Paz Talham
    2 maanden geleden

    When the gorilla episode is number 10 you know stuff is about to get interesting

  22. sean moore
    sean moore
    2 maanden geleden

    Why didn't they add when they showed sponge Bob and Patrick getting treated with suds. Or sandy becoming real to fight the seagulls

  23. Animal love kingdom
    Animal love kingdom
    2 maanden geleden

    The gorilla one was the scariest for me though

  24. pickle guy gacha tuber
    pickle guy gacha tuber
    2 maanden geleden

    Man the good episodes

  25. Ellie
    2 maanden geleden

    Wow ruin my childhood

  26. Farah Ahmed Karim
    Farah Ahmed Karim
    2 maanden geleden

    6:14 I feel bad for Squidward lol

  27. Luke Daley
    Luke Daley
    2 maanden geleden

    My childhood Nickelodeon tv show.

  28. Thomas Peter
    Thomas Peter
    2 maanden geleden

    2:15 best episode

  29. Mr. robot
    Mr. robot
    2 maanden geleden

    "you can't burn bread, it just becomes toast" Most amazing top 10

  30. the Codester
    the Codester
    2 maanden geleden

    Did the gorilla from i had an accident scared the crap when you were young. Same thing as well from the t rex from spongebob bc

  31. Fredbear Ent.
    Fredbear Ent.
    2 maanden geleden

    Mr. Krabs is deadpool

  32. Hunk of Spunk
    Hunk of Spunk
    3 maanden geleden

    what is it with Spongebob and commiting fucking crimes

  33. StormJetsu official
    StormJetsu official
    3 maanden geleden


  34. StormJetsu official
    StormJetsu official
    3 maanden geleden

    Producers of the show: physics? never heard of them.

  35. scoopishere
    3 maanden geleden


  36. Justin Wells
    Justin Wells
    3 maanden geleden


  37. Jeff Giles
    Jeff Giles
    3 maanden geleden

    When you think about it, it actually makes sense that Patrick is dumb because starfish don’t have brains

  38. Gamer Cat
    Gamer Cat
    3 maanden geleden

    Plankton telling the audience the easiest way to get a Krabby Patty in the same one as Squidward's Pain: 😐✌

  39. Dark Rage
    Dark Rage
    3 maanden geleden

    Why doe he should like klaus 5:04

  40. Jervis-Jehan Laurent
    Jervis-Jehan Laurent
    3 maanden geleden

    0:22 fun fact: spongebob actually sings the theme song :o

  41. American Pichu
    American Pichu
    3 maanden geleden

    I’ve missed watching this channel

  42. Justin Jerkoff
    Justin Jerkoff
    3 maanden geleden

    I remember when he hit the narrator It was just the camera and tripod on the floor. Not the whole narrator.

  43. Ultra_Gaming
    3 maanden geleden

    Ironically when the narrator got hit an ad played

  44. MPD123
    3 maanden geleden

    You only watch watchmojo when drunk

  45. PeterDoesStuff
    3 maanden geleden

    should have added when squidward looked through a hole in the episode "Goons on the moon" and meets his voice actor in the hole and screams

  46. Dominus Vader
    Dominus Vader
    3 maanden geleden

    *What about the 3rd wall?*

  47. Zachbrb
    3 maanden geleden

    That gorilla episode scared the absolute shit out of me as a child

  48. Mars guy
    Mars guy
    3 maanden geleden

    Next Up: Top 10 Best history Memes og all time

  49. TheChosen1KN
    3 maanden geleden

    That gorilla episode scared me.

  50. Don't mind me I'm just watching a video
    Don't mind me I'm just watching a video
    3 maanden geleden

    Deadpool is still the fourth wall master breaker

  51. Le Lemon
    Le Lemon
    3 maanden geleden

    You know.. I would love to feel the nostalgia but I have never seen spongebob

    3 maanden geleden

    Imagine SpongeBob breaking the 4th wall and saying you're _name_

  53. Temp Poaari
    Temp Poaari
    3 maanden geleden

    3:25 let's be honest seeing the live action figure in the cartoon as a kid freaked us out

  54. Kenneth Pg3d
    Kenneth Pg3d
    3 maanden geleden

    four four string ostinato in d minor

  55. Griffin Dow
    Griffin Dow
    3 maanden geleden

    Top ten Henry danger running gags

  56. Abram Sullivan
    Abram Sullivan
    3 maanden geleden

    Does anyone find it eerie that Clancy Brown who voice as Mr. Krab also voice as Savage Oppress in The Clone Wars season three to five? It's fascinating.

  57. Justin Vitale
    Justin Vitale
    4 maanden geleden

    Why do you pump out videos and talk over them the entire time, for clicks and revenue?

  58. Buckethead Gaming
    Buckethead Gaming
    4 maanden geleden

    10:01 Poop?

  59. TREVOR
    4 maanden geleden

    I don't want a narration lmfao

  60. Hermann la Grange
    Hermann la Grange
    4 maanden geleden

    You can't really go wrong with a top ten video...but when you have to explain every single joke, it very much ruins it. Maybe consider if you're making a humorous countdown, to first just show the clip then explain what's happening, instead of during the clip?

  61. Tyler Murdock
    Tyler Murdock
    4 maanden geleden

    In SpongeBobs defence what was the narrator doing in the middle of the road

  62. EclipseTheSlayer
    4 maanden geleden

    "can I make a Krabby Patty now?" "no you can't, you have to understand the phrase poop" Very inspiring words

  63. Master killerdaki
    Master killerdaki
    4 maanden geleden

    (-_-) a fourth wall break inside of a fourth wall break that's like... 8 walls

  64. KingGroggy
    4 maanden geleden

    Build a new one…

  65. Mike Fowler
    Mike Fowler
    4 maanden geleden

    Looking back, the gorilla/the horse with the confused family, the use of Patchy the Pirate (and when he visited Nickelodeon studios), the zoom-in on the butterfly with a real-life bug when Patrick was inside Sandy’s house, the reference to the old narrator leaving and when he was run over by Spongebob, the live orchestra, and even visiting the real-world in the original movie and Sponge Out of Water, it was such an interesting way to make a cartoon even more iconic. It was certainly, 100%, still very, very very weird tho

  66. Landyntrae1107
    5 maanden geleden


  67. limited lol
    limited lol
    5 maanden geleden

    ‘You Just Struck Another Pedestrian’ *𝖌𝖗𝖆𝖓𝖉 𝖙𝖍𝖊𝖋𝖙 𝖆𝖚𝖙𝖔 100*

  68. HyperFragon 25
    HyperFragon 25
    5 maanden geleden

    One of the few watch mojo videos that’s actually good.

  69. Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr
    5 maanden geleden


  70. Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr
    5 maanden geleden


  71. clampfan101
    5 maanden geleden

    2:20 Lieutenant Hank Anderson!

  72. Peace DK
    Peace DK
    5 maanden geleden

    I honestly think and feel like #9 should have been #1

  73. Ruger Owens
    Ruger Owens
    5 maanden geleden

    That freezer face episode scared the shit out of me when I was younger. It still does.

  74. rawr.your_scary yt
    rawr.your_scary yt
    5 maanden geleden

    Fun fact the guy who played mr crabs played hank in Detroit become human

  75. King Dedede
    King Dedede
    5 maanden geleden

    Deadpool: Finally a worthy opponent our battle will be legendery!

  76. Alex Krzywicki
    Alex Krzywicki
    5 maanden geleden

    House Sittin' for Sandy broke the fourth wall in that episode, when Patrick tells SpongeBob he can't breathe in Sandy's house. NICE JOB, PATRICK!!!!

  77. LexPower Studios
    LexPower Studios
    5 maanden geleden

    0:35 i always remember that part where Spongebob gets ripped in half by that gorilla!, it's strange that it made Spongebob into basically 2 Persons, i do like the part where the gorilla speaks and tries to explain why he's in underwater in the first place, here's my Theory how could the gorilla and horse survive without breathing air when they are under Water?, just think about it

  78. galactism
    5 maanden geleden

    the birthday blowout is a whole 4th wall breaker and the training video too also theory of the 11 minutes of misery: squidward knows that his a cartoon character,and can count how many minutes there are until the episode ends,he suffers cause he doesn't want to be in a cartoon when he gets abused almost..11 minutes,so that's why he says and references that a lot cause it's on his mind and he can't get it out about how scared he is of suffering more

    6 maanden geleden

    Everything is Spongebob logic really doesn’t make any sense at all they look like they’re not even in underwater they look like they’re from different universe instead of underwater

  80. Game For You
    Game For You
    6 maanden geleden

    10:38 How is that a fourth wall break

  81. Samuel Ignacio Dogeno
    Samuel Ignacio Dogeno
    6 maanden geleden

    10:02 Narrator: Without Understanding The Frase "P.O.O.P". Me: (Chuckles) Im In Danger.

  82. BogusMojo
    6 maanden geleden

    Remember when WatchMojo had text speech program narate the top tens? Wow how times have changed.

  83. Tamika Ortiz
    Tamika Ortiz
    6 maanden geleden

    "Hey, if we're underwater how can there be a-" *Fire has left the chat*

  84. Wwepennywiseman
    6 maanden geleden

    What about the time SpongeBob and all the other members of the show played a song at the Super Bowl

    6 maanden geleden

    I was today years old when I found out what the watch mojo lady looks like

  86. celandia fajardo
    celandia fajardo
    6 maanden geleden

    Patrick:if we’re under water how can there be.. *fire dies* Me: huh who ever thought Patrick would know that.

  87. Trysten Kuskie
    Trysten Kuskie
    6 maanden geleden

    robin heard a voice of the narrator in the power puff girls

  88. Nerd_ #4,137.
    Nerd_ #4,137.
    6 maanden geleden

    I miss Jacques Cousteau.

  89. Sunflower plants vs zombies 2
    Sunflower plants vs zombies 2
    6 maanden geleden

    The intro with old pat is soo. Cool

  90. kellie simasiku
    kellie simasiku
    6 maanden geleden

    I felt bad for squidward when his ear got hurt

  91. Dan Goodwin
    Dan Goodwin
    6 maanden geleden

    In #6 I can tell the difference because Tom Kenny usually voices the narrator but when he quit the replacement was Dee Bradley baker

  92. Mimsie the Cat
    Mimsie the Cat
    6 maanden geleden


  93. Keylin
    6 maanden geleden

    French guy: it means another yEAR OF BOATING SCHOOL!

  94. Bussa The Younger
    Bussa The Younger
    6 maanden geleden

    I never knew the hard-ass guard captain from The Shawshank Redemption was Mr. Krabs ...Mind=blow

  95. Simon Sodervall
    Simon Sodervall
    6 maanden geleden

    The cameraman’s only weakness Breaking the fourth wall

  96. Snick Cage
    Snick Cage
    6 maanden geleden

    Him imitating the narrator got it

  97. Beanie Boo Blog
    Beanie Boo Blog
    6 maanden geleden

    Seeing all these new episodes confuses me because I’ve watched all the old episodes. The newer ones are definitely more bland though.

  98. Bolt Thunder
    Bolt Thunder
    7 maanden geleden

    10 would have been more funnier if it was the family of one of the actors

  99. Karl Ceballos
    Karl Ceballos
    7 maanden geleden

    "HEY! Get those numbers out of my face!" and "(Spongebob laughing) Flashbacks tickle."

  100. Ylmo Lenard Eguales
    Ylmo Lenard Eguales
    7 maanden geleden

    Ay never knew thats your real face