Pop Smoke - Woo Baby (Audio) ft. Chris Brown

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Official audio for Pop Smoke "Woo Baby" feat. Chris Brown available everywhere now: PopSmoke.lnk.to/Faith

Visual by: Ryan Frank @toonboi


  1. Thunie Davis
    Thunie Davis
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  3. hebrew israelites
    hebrew israelites
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  4. Dani Sierra
    Dani Sierra
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    👀👏🏼 lmk next time

  5. Dani Sierra
    Dani Sierra
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    Mine!? R I carrying!?

  6. T D
    T D
    14 uur geleden

    I can't believe they took someone with this much musical talent

  7. BLaJolla
    14 uur geleden

    Oh my god.

  8. Ebertom Russo
    Ebertom Russo
    18 uur geleden

    Faço música no celular tô orando todos os dias pra que ouçam minhas músicas fé em Deus e na caminhada

  9. Chimbano Daniel
    Chimbano Daniel
    18 uur geleden

    RIP pop smoke 😭😭😭😭..... Lavleeeee track big ups to Chris brown

  10. Yeet N Skeet
    Yeet N Skeet
    18 uur geleden

    these dumb ass repeating cartoon videos has to stop

  11. Lua medeiros
    Lua medeiros
    21 uur geleden

    Esse tôquezin do início parece muito com o do bonde da stronda

  12. nafieyah fisher
    nafieyah fisher
    22 uur geleden

    Iove your videos❤

  13. no name
    no name
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    Rip pop

  14. gonki
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    no supero esta canción

  15. Wesley onuoha akamba
    Wesley onuoha akamba
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    I need this song in Fifa 22!

  16. Alexcis García
    Alexcis García
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    ❤️this nice body pretty face

  17. firstname lastname
    firstname lastname
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    ..intelligence agencies and deep states and capitalism effect on media effect on people

  18. Antonio Feliciano
    Antonio Feliciano
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    Only 2o years old 😞 16+million views... 🔥 That's Legendary status🔥

  19. ᴍαɴᴢι łᴠαɴζ
    ᴍαɴᴢι łᴠαɴζ
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  20. Boku Pico
    Boku Pico
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  21. Morris Branch1971
    Morris Branch1971
    2 dagen geleden

    Love the "So Sick" BY Neyo sample!!

  22. iamDjibrilFaye
    2 dagen geleden

    We love you Pop Smoke Rest in power our wooo💫❤😭

  23. Bishh Wahh
    Bishh Wahh
    2 dagen geleden

    Ughh pops voice love it 😌🙏 Rip gone way to soon ❤️ & Chris Brown hands down love his songs he can go with anything and make it sound good rt 🙌🙌

  24. Shawna Atchley
    Shawna Atchley
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  25. Ángela Mendoza Argote
    Ángela Mendoza Argote
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    The Big woo♥♥♥

  26. Xiomara Garay
    Xiomara Garay
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  27. Mike Klaw
    Mike Klaw
    2 dagen geleden

    This track is hot!!

  28. Juan Sebastian BULLA LOZANO
    Juan Sebastian BULLA LOZANO
    2 dagen geleden

    🤘que canción la mejor.. Colombia ❤️

  29. Pete OMO
    Pete OMO
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  30. FittyPro Black
    FittyPro Black
    2 dagen geleden

    Father of Pop. Rest in Peace 🙏. He is indeed the Pop'smoke

  31. Quigley Douglas
    Quigley Douglas
    3 dagen geleden

    rip pop smoke

    3 dagen geleden

    Wooooooooo👼 R.i.p

  33. Flakrim Krasniqi
    Flakrim Krasniqi
    3 dagen geleden

    Rip pop smoke best singer of all time

  34. En el campo
    En el campo
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  35. Thekeyman1
    3 dagen geleden

    This contains sample of Neyo's so sick.

  36. King Ricky
    King Ricky
    3 dagen geleden

    Our Legend🙏🙏

    3 dagen geleden

    Por siempre pop👑🔝🇵🇦

  38. Prince Mutale
    Prince Mutale
    3 dagen geleden

    Breezy gave life to this tune💥💥💥💥 RIP The Woooo💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔

  39. Clinton Tony
    Clinton Tony
    3 dagen geleden

    Poo smoke forever 🔥🔥#the woo

  40. edosa richard
    edosa richard
    3 dagen geleden

    I'm a simple man, I see bikini... I click

  41. Laskaabks7
    3 dagen geleden

    RIP 🪦 popsmoke 🚨

  42. E
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  43. Hassib Hassib
    Hassib Hassib
    4 dagen geleden

    Rip pop😇😇

  44. Mike Sherman
    Mike Sherman
    4 dagen geleden

    Chris brown kills everything 🔥

  45. Mrr Vannda
    Mrr Vannda
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  46. Rob Majors
    Rob Majors
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  47. Lakeisha Poteat
    Lakeisha Poteat
    5 dagen geleden

    I was in the car I literally wanted to pull over I said what I know I don't hear Chris. He went hard she makes it whistle for me. I bet. I'm sold.

  48. Zenith Logan
    Zenith Logan
    5 dagen geleden

    for people wondering why the beats so good nlrock.info/loft/video/frCp26SvpdO4hns

  49. 40KWILD
    5 dagen geleden

    Gone too soon💔😢

    5 dagen geleden

    you love her yes it is also eight give me a subscription

  51. Cuddle Bunny
    Cuddle Bunny
    5 dagen geleden

    This song jus stupidity

  52. 준이
    5 dagen geleden

    Ne-yo So Sik

  53. Hector Luna
    Hector Luna
    5 dagen geleden

    69 killed popsmoke period....stockton..the real folks out here 💯

  54. ivan melis
    ivan melis
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  55. Jacob Cadiou
    Jacob Cadiou
    5 dagen geleden

    One of the only great songs on the album. I'm sorry.

  56. Brandon Ross
    Brandon Ross
    5 dagen geleden

    Good song 🎧

  57. Nikki Lynn
    Nikki Lynn
    5 dagen geleden

    I love Pop Smoke 🥰 and Chris is my boo ❤

  58. John Richards
    John Richards
    5 dagen geleden

    Pop Shouldn't be gon music 🔥🤬💯

  59. Porfirio Quezada
    Porfirio Quezada
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    5 dagen geleden

    Breezy makes da word pussy sound so sweet and everyone loves it 😂🔊💦

    5 dagen geleden

    It's da woo baby fo me ❤👙💚💎💨

  62. Woo.Central
    6 dagen geleden

    this is so incredibly underrated

  63. Jungkook shit
    Jungkook shit
    6 dagen geleden


    1. BLaJolla
      14 uur geleden

      Epicness on full display

    2. Antonio Feliciano
      Antonio Feliciano
      5 dagen geleden

      It's amazing. I agree

  64. Jay
    6 dagen geleden

    One of his best songs no 🧢 💯

  65. Cristoval Larrazolo
    Cristoval Larrazolo
    6 dagen geleden

    Did anyone else start singing Ne-Yo- So sick?

  66. Th0rmund Th0rmund
    Th0rmund Th0rmund
    6 dagen geleden

    How he make music if he s dead?

  67. 김민준
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  68. 김민준
    7 dagen geleden

    대박 울트라 글래머 육덕진몸매

  69. Sam Arrington
    Sam Arrington
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  70. Baby Mex
    Baby Mex
    7 dagen geleden

    [Intro: Pop Smoke] Huh? [Chorus: Pop Smoke] I like mine yummy yellow (Yellow) And that ass feel like jello (Jello) Shorty lightskin and tatted (Tatted) Ass fat, so I grabbed it (Grabbed it) I gave her this dick and I lasted (Lasted) No rubber, no plastic (No plastic) You know how to get right, mama (Mama) I gotta get my baby (My baby) [Verse 1: Chris Brown] She know my worth Kissin' on my jewels, fuck a nigga out his shirt No time for holdin' hands, she holdin' my worth Baby pop that pussy in everything but a Perc' I'm lovin' her good, makin' sure she never hurt She lickin' my wood, never too classy to slurp Look me in my eyes when you tell me that it's mine Told her I'm too playa, I can't fall for the lies I know baby (Baby) That you a bad lil' somethin' and that ass, it drive me crazy (Drives me crazy) And I swear that nothin' else phase me [Chorus: Pop Smoke & Chris Brown] I like mine yummy yellow (Yellow) And that ass feel like jello (Jello) Shorty lightskin and tatted (Tatted) Ass fat, so I grabbed it (Grabbed it) I gave her this dick and I lasted (Lasted) No rubber, no plastic (No plastic) You know how to get right, mama (Mama) I gotta get my baby (My baby) [Verse 2: Pop Smoke] It's Pop Smoke (Pop Smoke), she know my worth (My worth) Young flossy nigga, she know I'm in my Birk' (My Birk') She zippin' down my pants, I'm takin' off her shirt (Her shirt) Kissin' on my neck (My neck), liftin' up her skirt (Her skirt) I'm fuckin' her good, makin' sure she come first (Come first) I had to get it in before she went to work (Oh) All I need is weed and Henny (Henny), no chaser (No chaser) Can't nobody replace her (No) [Verse 3: Chris Brown] I like it when she make me miss her She make it stand up like a missile every time that I kiss her You know it's the thighs for me White toes, sun dress, make you cry for me Ooh, get you wet, wet, wet Ooh, bend your back like that Ooh, baby, just like that Didn't know you could shake that ass like that [Chorus: Pop Smoke, Chris Brown, Both] I like mine yummy yellow (Yellow) And that ass feel like jello (Jello) Shorty lightskin and tatted (Tatted, oh) Ass fat, so I grabbed it (Grabbed it, ooh-oh) I gave her this dick and I lasted (I lasted) No rubber, no plastic (No plastic, no rubber, ooh) You know how to get right, mama (Mama, get right) I gotta get my baby (My baby) [Outro: Pop Smoke] So yeah, my lady, my baby No, no Woo back baby

  71. Bluffer
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  72. IslandGal Vybz
    IslandGal Vybz
    7 dagen geleden

    So fucking addictive 🥰🔥🔥🔥

  73. ElFido
    7 dagen geleden

    Es increíble como hacer que las personas te recuerden aun después de ni siquiera estar🙏🏾☁️ The best✌🏾

  74. More of Cedes
    More of Cedes
    7 dagen geleden

    Just imagine the music video 😓

  75. LovingMe B
    LovingMe B
    7 dagen geleden

    Love the Neyo so sick background music on this track.

  76. ዘመድ ፍቕሪ
    ዘመድ ፍቕሪ
    7 dagen geleden

    wer is her face?

  77. Paulo Cezar Costa de Moura
    Paulo Cezar Costa de Moura
    8 dagen geleden


  78. Mathias James
    Mathias James
    8 dagen geleden

    Ngl if dababy was on this on song instead of chris brown

    1. prenze
      4 dagen geleden

      hell nah

    8 dagen geleden

    This song is very dope

  80. rosiani santos
    rosiani santos
    8 dagen geleden

    Descansa em paz pop!

  81. Henry Mutisya
    Henry Mutisya
    8 dagen geleden

    Can we agree that pop smoke is the best of all time, Woo forever 🐐🐐🔥

  82. tt Twitter
    tt Twitter
    8 dagen geleden

    melhor faixa

  83. Rachel
    8 dagen geleden

    Like the girl from this audio 🍫🍫

  84. Miriam Kwamboka
    Miriam Kwamboka
    8 dagen geleden

    Tbh who else loves this beat and the song too omg🎼🎼

  85. Aymen BEN M'HAMED
    Aymen BEN M'HAMED
    8 dagen geleden

    Wesh Il a ressuscité ou quoi 😍

  86. SHAKWA
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  87. Frank Neumann
    Frank Neumann
    8 dagen geleden

    Yorrh this song is kwai I listen to it everyday

  88. Reggie Hunt
    Reggie Hunt
    9 dagen geleden

    Straight banger hands down 🔥🔥🥃

  89. Epic Club
    Epic Club
    9 dagen geleden

    I’m trans and gay and live w transphobic parents and this song rlly gets me through the roughest of days

  90. Joseph Brouillard
    Joseph Brouillard
    9 dagen geleden

    Such a false image it almost makes me mad

  91. Haille Phillips
    Haille Phillips
    9 dagen geleden

    So sick of sad songs so done with tears so done with wishing you were still here...

  92. Fit Guy
    Fit Guy
    9 dagen geleden


  93. Farrah M
    Farrah M
    9 dagen geleden

    Sept 7th, 2021 💫💫💫💫💫💫💫💫

  94. Rodson Valcin
    Rodson Valcin
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  95. Nicole niquee
    Nicole niquee
    9 dagen geleden

    Loveee this song 😍😍😍

  96. purple black
    purple black
    9 dagen geleden

    Pop is in all heart, in all mind and he is the best of our generation, W💫💫 BR💫💫KLI🕊️

  97. BlueStrip Baby
    BlueStrip Baby
    9 dagen geleden

    This song is the best song from his new Album 🙌

  98. Curwin Siebritz
    Curwin Siebritz
    9 dagen geleden

    Lol chris brown forever using beats from other people songs and trying to change it to make it his own... My opinion is that its still stealinv