New Rule: Cancel Culture is Over Party | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

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Bill calls on liberals to "stand their ground" when the woke mob comes for them over a ridiculous past offence.
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  1. Sound Effects
    Sound Effects
    8 uur geleden

    You know someone is neutral when there are people who hate him on all ends of the political spectrum😂🤣

  2. Rick Saunders
    Rick Saunders
    8 uur geleden

    Never apologize for what you say You say it you meant it OUT OF THE MOUTH PROCEEDS WHATS ON THE HEART Stop being a sissy I DONT CARE WHAT YOU THINK OF ME

  3. integral
    12 uur geleden

    I thought "cancel culture" was just a buzz phrase the far right Trumpazoids use when they get called on their racism.

  4. patricia gass
    patricia gass
    21 uur geleden

    Bill Maher is out of touch and hateful

  5. Melissa Francis-Brown
    Melissa Francis-Brown
    2 dagen geleden

    Never heard of Bill Maher before but I love him! More common sense please!!

  6. Pacific States of America
    Pacific States of America
    3 dagen geleden

    Damn I'd never thought I'd see the day where Bill Maher is complaining that the left is going too far...

  7. Michael Miller
    Michael Miller
    3 dagen geleden

    Cancel culture is all about control. Abusers want to control other people.

  8. Michael Miller
    Michael Miller
    4 dagen geleden

    Cancel culture is a sneaky way of destroying freedom of speech. It's communist tyranny. You're taking peoples rights away. I am under no obligation to like you or anybody else. You being offended is your problem. Don't destroy freedom of speech because you're "offended". Cancel culture is the opposite of freedom of speech. Cancel culture is pro censorship. Cancel culture is communist brainwashing. Cancel culture is building a culture of censorship and government control. It's anti human rights. Cancel culture is unending

  9. Rare Ity
    Rare Ity
    4 dagen geleden

    It's called COMMUNISM!

  10. Kathy Hagan
    Kathy Hagan
    4 dagen geleden

    Bill! You’re back!

  11. Secular Institute Headquarters and Guild
    Secular Institute Headquarters and Guild
    5 dagen geleden

    We believe when the far right talks about stopping the Cancel Culture crowd, they really mean, spotting Cultural Diversity and when they say stopping the Woke crowd, they actually mean spotting the Sane, or Thinking crowd. This is what have been called in the past as speaking in, “Fork Tongue”, or “Double Talk". The FR, always seem to use humiliation and ridicule propaganda against those who disagree with them.

  12. Blackjax137
    5 dagen geleden

    One question I still cannot find an answer to... When did it all go wrong? Where did all these clenched butthole justice warriors come from and when did they infest every part of society? I was born in the late 90's, I've watched shows and movies from the late 2000's that would never fly now looking back. I'm very much in that college age demographic associated with all this hyper political correctness, yet I believe everyone should have an inalienable right to say and do as they please providing it isn't immediate harm or a threat of harm to others. I would reason that is highly liberal. Yet you have self-proclaimed "liberals" demanding the firing, the public shaming, of figures for merely being associated with someone else who holds an opinion they disagree with. And you have some high profile companies playing along with it, doing their bidding. I've missed some sort of memo and I can't pinpoint where it all started. All I know is that it got progressively worse and these cancel types got more empowered under Trump.

  13. A New Chapter
    A New Chapter
    5 dagen geleden

    Welcome back Bill Maher, I've missed you!

  14. Charles Kimbrough
    Charles Kimbrough
    5 dagen geleden

    Hell just froze over. I agree with Bill Maher on something. Too bad HBO doesn't practice what they preach here and produce a show to give equal time to views different than Maher's. They could even call it...wait for it...EQUAL TIME. Maybe they should get Sharon Osbourne and Piers Morgan to host it. Opinions?

  15. fxscape239
    5 dagen geleden

    My opinion: the once greatest country, which every other country used to look up to, is currently on its path of self-destruction by cultural, gender, racial and woke politics while the countries which used to look up to it are steadily moving forward in actual development and will soon surpass it while secretly laughing at its internal destruction.

  16. Marc Bélanger
    Marc Bélanger
    5 dagen geleden

    Bill Maher, I have to give him that, he does have flash of lucidity once in while that you just have to agree with...

  17. Linda Vinson
    Linda Vinson
    6 dagen geleden

    Wow! Couldn’t have said it better.

  18. auronoxe
    6 dagen geleden

    Thank you. It‘s almost the same here in Germany. But it seems some people begin to wake up.

  19. Mike Oshea
    Mike Oshea
    7 dagen geleden

    Quit supporting CRT, it promotes finding racism in everything and correcting it or canceling it. CRT plants racism in their minds and affects their vision, hearing, smell and their emotions.

  20. J W
    J W
    7 dagen geleden

    Liberals need to separate themselves by not voting for leftists all the time. Question your assumptions on conservatism and learn that we need to team up to prevent the left from destroying the country.

  21. Death2PC
    7 dagen geleden

    Bill............... Liberals ARE "cancel culture", period. Always have been, always will be.

  22. Richard Christian
    Richard Christian
    7 dagen geleden

    I'm glad to hear him address this. I don't see it as a left or right issue, just a common sense issue. And to his credit, Bill has a lot of common sense... except for the TDS he had for the past four years, which ironically he actually applied some common sense to during this video

  23. sandorsbox
    7 dagen geleden

    Bill, you are so close to the bullseye buy you miss the mark ever so slightly. The reason cancel culture is coming for liberals for the most ridiculous offenses is because people like you see canceling any Republican as "just comupence." When they came for the gypsies, I said nothing because I wasn't a gypsy...

  24. Timothy Dore
    Timothy Dore
    7 dagen geleden

    Bill you helped create the MOB

  25. Timothy Dore
    Timothy Dore
    7 dagen geleden

    But before he was on the shit list he was all over it

  26. Andrea Andrea
    Andrea Andrea
    8 dagen geleden

    Im a conservative and can’t believe I agree with Bill Maher

  27. Shane Miller
    Shane Miller
    8 dagen geleden

    What a great twist to turn the blame from liberals to Republicans... if you actually believe it is only or mostly a problem for the left you are insane. Republicans are the ones who are LARGELY getting screwed by cancel culture for inappropriate reasons. Whenever someone is canceled on the left it is MUCH more often just compared to everyone on the right who has been canceled.

    8 dagen geleden

    Bill, this culture is some people on your side gone loonie tunes.All of us on both sides who have a brain need to get in these clowns faces and call them out.No matter the person. Sport, Hollywood, college and in Washington.Then we can get back to hating each other and accusing each other of being stupid.

  29. Lor i
    Lor i
    9 dagen geleden

    I've always considered myself liberal and I cannot stand the cancel culture anymore. Its gone beyond common sense. I've never been called a racist in my life until this year. Why? Because I said I don't like Meghan markle. A woman I didn't even know was biracial until a few months before she got married.

  30. Paul J Dockendorff
    Paul J Dockendorff
    9 dagen geleden

    Now they have us facing a nuclear holocaust with Russia 😮

  31. drskylerbingham
    10 dagen geleden

    Bill Maher quoting stats from CATO and Reason, because they’re the only ones brave enough to post the research.

  32. Amelia7
    10 dagen geleden

    If something is perfect it never need to be fix and if it never needs to be fixed it never needs to be improved.

  33. Amelia7
    10 dagen geleden

    The major problem with cancel culture is the fact that when you get "called out" you are irredeemable. This is due to certain people making I understand apologies and going back to do the same BS that the got called out for the first Time. Beleving this has prompted People on the left, the right, the up, the down to just view it as you are now unsavable and unworthy of anything. I kind of find it both funny and irritating how cancer culture will cancel someone who simply disagrees about something minor but won't cancel someone who is a shown predator. make it make sense.

  34. Amelia7
    10 dagen geleden

    Cancel culture is the result of pathos

  35. Parlez64
    10 dagen geleden

    Good show!

  36. chris0123
    10 dagen geleden

    Appreciated all of it except for the disdain for Republicans like THEY do everything wrong. That is such bull and is getting so disgusting. Republicans are not the ones trying to cancel everyone. On the other hand, they are also not going to support people and companies that promote lunacy and blatant immorality.

  37. John B
    John B
    10 dagen geleden

    360 anyone

  38. - dwasilco412 -
    - dwasilco412 -
    11 dagen geleden

    When they attacked and shut down two wife women for running a taco stand. That’s when I said F this. The charge for being shut down, cultural appropriation. They claim the women were racist for selling tacos. But the people that got upset about are the real racists.

  39. - dwasilco412 -
    - dwasilco412 -
    11 dagen geleden

    Yeah Bill you are against this shit. That’s good. But your liberalism of previous decades caused this madness.

  40. Kendra Hudson
    Kendra Hudson
    11 dagen geleden

    Agree, Bill. But like 10 years too late and I'm being overly kind. Hypocrisy much? Jesus Christ, you were an unmitigated cancer culture poster warrior for years! Hey Bill, man invents wheel!

  41. Darcy Mcnabb
    Darcy Mcnabb
    11 dagen geleden

    Liberals are woke culture.

  42. Uncle Ebenezer
    Uncle Ebenezer
    11 dagen geleden

    you can blame yourselves for creating this monster

  43. M G LaMar
    M G LaMar
    11 dagen geleden

    We get what we are willing take. Stop taking it.

  44. Steve87th PSAP
    Steve87th PSAP
    12 dagen geleden

    Awww so no that Cancel Culture turns on Liberals it’s bad, but when the Conservatives were under attack it was fine? Hmmm

  45. Wendy Ganel
    Wendy Ganel
    12 dagen geleden

    What crime did Michael Lindell commit that brought him to be cacelled?

  46. Calvin Crawford
    Calvin Crawford
    12 dagen geleden

    Don't use cancel culture on my side only use it on the others what a piece of shit if your going fight against cancel culture you have to fight against all of it not just the one you think are unjustified

  47. ws 2019
    ws 2019
    13 dagen geleden

    The audience laughs but they are the liberal democrat assholes he is making fun of.

  48. Else Verwoerd
    Else Verwoerd
    13 dagen geleden

    If you have listened to Bill Maher, If you have listened to Bill Maher, and you agree with him, and you commend him for being a Voice of Reason, and you saw that the audience does not even notice Bill was talking about them, and if you are on the good side, but you STILL BELIEVE that Woody Allen is finally getting his due, then you haven't listened to Bill Maher, and you didn't even notice that he was talking about you.

  49. Prithvi Prakash
    Prithvi Prakash
    13 dagen geleden

    A liberal who actually stands his ground on liberal values? We need to support them every step of the way.

  50. Übermensch Lussenhorf
    Übermensch Lussenhorf
    14 dagen geleden

    The crowd is basically getting slapped in the face with truth by Bill and they clap like seals. Are they too retarded to know he is talking about them? 😂

  51. EJY
    14 dagen geleden

    Sure seems like a lot of commenters have never heard of Bill Maher until now. He's been speaking out against this mindset for decades. He's also had conservatives of all stripes on his shows since the 1990s.

  52. Steve Tucker
    Steve Tucker
    14 dagen geleden


  53. FDC 1
    FDC 1
    14 dagen geleden

    Cancel culture has quickly crossed the line from a useful way to protest into a way to shame, humiliate and ruin anyone the mellenials find offensive for any reason.

  54. dranreb cookie
    dranreb cookie
    15 dagen geleden

    That booger gesture makes me laugh that I almost cry.

  55. Norm Durkin
    Norm Durkin
    15 dagen geleden

    Bill Maher is a joke he created this bs..

  56. Shawn Hall
    Shawn Hall
    15 dagen geleden

    Curiously subdued response from his studio audience. It seems that what Bill was saying was hitting a little too close to home.

  57. Edward Henne
    Edward Henne
    15 dagen geleden

    Wake up Bill. Cancel culture is all about the left buddy.

  58. o77eh
    15 dagen geleden

    I would rather see the NYT do a searing expose on the Hunter Biden Laptop-Quid Pro Quo scandal they covered up.

  59. Just Me
    Just Me
    16 dagen geleden

    Welcome to new generation of NAZI RULE!

  60. Kenny Fuhr
    Kenny Fuhr
    16 dagen geleden

    The thing that bothers me is when people get offended for others, even if there was no offense for the people being “targeted”, or the people being talked about didn’t take offense by whatever was said or done. I think these situations make problems that shouldn’t exist and distract us from the real problems at hand, be it social, economical, environmental, etc.

  61. Antônio Carlos Medeiros
    Antônio Carlos Medeiros
    16 dagen geleden

    The west is really making It easier to China

  62. Cancelculture Libtard
    Cancelculture Libtard
    17 dagen geleden

    Cancel Culture and Wokeism = The Blind Leading The Stupid FACT !

  63. Lew H
    Lew H
    17 dagen geleden

    Excellent speech. They need to take kids through 1985 in high school it is a freaky book to read currently and feels far too lifelike for a work of sheer fiction.

    1. Péter György Gaál
      Péter György Gaál
      15 dagen geleden

      Is that the sequel to 1984? ;)

  64. cld
    17 dagen geleden

    Stop thinking of every issue as left or right. Address it individually. And yes Bill Maher is right

  65. X-Prez
    17 dagen geleden

    "Let's he who is without sin, cast the first stone" applies here. If you're guilty of nothing then speak. If not, (everyone) stfu.

  66. pete kay
    pete kay
    17 dagen geleden

    Bill i agree about the WokE cancel culture mob is a disease that needs to be stopped. Because they are coming for everybody The only way to fight them is to tell them to drop dead

  67. I.M. Ulysses
    I.M. Ulysses
    18 dagen geleden

    I think Bill Maher, after years of being asleep, has finally got his 'woke' moment! If he sounded any more Conservative, or rational, I'd have to give MYSELF (and his erstwhile Liberal colleagues) a reality check! Amazing! Thanks, Bill!

  68. Cynthia Haney
    Cynthia Haney
    18 dagen geleden

    He is on the shit list. Have fun.

  69. Mr Dreamer97
    Mr Dreamer97
    19 dagen geleden

    Bill I am liberal and i can tell you I dont support cancel culture I am against it .I hate we have to get rid of things we love they better not do spiderman because then I'll chase that group and beat the living shit outta them

  70. Chanyell Bruner
    Chanyell Bruner
    19 dagen geleden

    Sad how everything is so extra and sensitive and iish this is sad!!

  71. anoldladi
    19 dagen geleden

    Be very particular about what you are "progressing" to and question why the "liberals" now support "NO liberty" to say, think or do anything that goes against big governments' global agenda.

  72. Scott Smith
    Scott Smith
    20 dagen geleden

    It pains me to agree with Bill Maher but he's right. This has gone too far. Then again he didn't have a problem with it until they came after their own and he probably knows they'll be coming for him before long.

  73. Stonemansteve III
    Stonemansteve III
    20 dagen geleden

    You have to give a fuck if you get views, or likes, or if anyone is "cancelling" you before it can hurt you!!!

  74. Willard Musick
    Willard Musick
    20 dagen geleden

    Robespierre and the French Reign of Terror - 24/7 public executions countywide for "clerical sentiment" - ended with the execution of, Robespierre. They'll end up eating themselves. Evil always does.

  75. Hoosier Hermit
    Hoosier Hermit
    20 dagen geleden

    And you helped create it you ignorant fool

  76. Caldaque
    21 dag geleden

    In a time when most folks in Hollywood have been castrated I’m glad there is at least one who has the balls to call out the woke BS.

  77. TB Lightning Bolt
    TB Lightning Bolt
    21 dag geleden

    Amen. Today’s ultra left are even less fun than the ultra right. We can just ignore them. But the whole woke crowd runs the media

  78. bikinggal1
    21 dag geleden

    Great monologue! Yet here we are, everything is being cancelled! Careful you might go too far and offend people and get cancelled.

  79. Brett Owens
    Brett Owens
    22 dagen geleden

    I like "I'm A Slave 4 U"... But I agree with everything he said (even what he said about the song)

  80. Errands
    22 dagen geleden

    Only lefty on cable worth listening too

  81. The Real Nancy Bee
    The Real Nancy Bee
    22 dagen geleden

    Damn, Maher! I've hated you for so long ... and now I find myself agreeing with almost everything you say! I'm so confused!!

  82. Jackson Blaze
    Jackson Blaze
    22 dagen geleden

    Bill, you are showing signs that you are returning to sanity. Remember, we are living in leftist neo-fascist communist (all of those apply) society and now suddenly I see the point of people calling me pinko east coast liberal because they way things have gone, that is a status symbol these days although not spoken with same words. They don't even know what Nazi is - I was born in Poland close enough to the war to have an idea from knowing what happened in Poland, and not only to Jewish Poles (3 million civilians killed) but also to Catholic Poles (3 million civilians killed). Under the circumstance I cannot go on being for the Democrats (after the experience of only one party in Poland I decided that I shouldn't join any here in the US) because what I am seeing in them is a vast cloud of unknowing, and by that I don't mean the Catholic mystical text (it was before Henry the 8th Bluebeard). As a devoted Buddhist on top of that (talk about mixing things up - that makes me fully American) who experienced negative aspects of communism personally (even though I left Communist Poland at the age of 14) I hate the bloody lies I hear on a daily basis now and which pushed me away from my info source, the NPR. It's not enlightenment, but I have awakened rather than become woke (when you awaken you don't become anything else). So awaken yourself, I understand career issues although I was never very clever with them, but it's really time to wake up. I would like to be your fan again. That cheering that you heard when you made your statements, unless you changed the audience, is a very real response to the crap that has been happening. And by the way, from my point of view the election was fraudulent even if it was legal and Trump would have lost anyway. How so? Fraud doesn't depend on its success. The collusion between big media. other big business, the bloody propaganda media, and the Democratic party should be made into a crime. I still want my vote to count as one, rather than some fraction because of the big players. Wasn't that the point of finance reform years ago and which didn't really work. Regain your integrity because I am sorry, you stopped being independent long time ago. This government is the strangest thing I've seen since I lived in communist Poland. I think you know what is going but have to be careful, but know that if you awaken you have enough power to awaken a lot of people, just don't go woke (pretty funny, huh). I am disappointed that I can't use "woke" in Buddhist context, which is another annoyance. Please awaken to how obvious things happening are (most of them, anyway) and don't fall for the sophistries of the silly crowds. How about inviting Douglas Murray. Remember your stupid comments about Trump not wanting to give up his seat that led to the meme about Trump being the President even at the end of this century. You know that what happened at the Capitol was not an insurrection but stupid, stupid mess unless there were agent provocateurs involved. Nobody comes to insurrection without weapons, for one. Besides, quite frankly, from watching the BLM/Antifa demonstrations with people not being punished by law only encouraged this kind of stupid carelessness which only undermined Trump. Still, I had my old friends and some of my family tell me that the fact that he said "you are special and I love you very much" was a call to revolt. In that case try saying that to your family, because they might take you down from your privileged position as the head of it, you white supremacist beast. I would love to see Douglas Murray get a little nasty with you, Remember Jordan Peterson responding to your call for insurrection (I would call it that, you were talking about taking down Trump). Have you become and ideologue, because I don't understand how a humorist (you are not Mark Twain yet) can be an ideologue, since humor requires freedom of mind as well as of speech. From my own experience I know that eating humble pie once in a while is very good for one's overall health. Yours truly saying, private eyes are watching you (on television) and they know your every move (God, sorry, Buddha, I hated that song when I took it seriously). But cheers to you anyway. I also need to add that your apparent complete commitment to the lefts' ideology looked very much like one version of virtue signaling or perhaps you've become religious, Mr. Religulous.

  83. Suzanne Porter
    Suzanne Porter
    22 dagen geleden

    Thx, Bill.

  84. Sam Zeng
    Sam Zeng
    22 dagen geleden

    cant win them join them

  85. gary burrows
    gary burrows
    22 dagen geleden

    Might be hope for you yet bill ...

  86. haris000000
    23 dagen geleden

    Bill has a great point.

  87. Interdimensional Hobo
    Interdimensional Hobo
    23 dagen geleden

    Fascists Against Fascism

  88. Scott Deaton
    Scott Deaton
    23 dagen geleden

    Hearing the audience clap and yelp like trained seals, I hope Maher never has Kamala on his show.

  89. theisisreincarnate
    23 dagen geleden


  90. ana perez
    ana perez
    23 dagen geleden

    Lol ... you are so funny

  91. Alice Amos
    Alice Amos
    23 dagen geleden

    Неужели до Билла дошло наконец,что его страна движется в не том направлении и дальше будет только хуже? Или наконец-то понял, что и до него доберутся, если что? Он всё ещё рад, что Трамп проиграл?

  92. John Q. Random
    John Q. Random
    24 dagen geleden

    Most of his stupid audience supports cancel culture. The only reason why they clapped is so people wouldn't think he was talking about them.

  93. William Degener
    William Degener
    24 dagen geleden

    For real

  94. Lee Van Cleef
    Lee Van Cleef
    24 dagen geleden

    Strange crowd, applause when people they disagree with gets cancelled. Applause when Bill wants to stop cancel culture

  95. Christopher Peter
    Christopher Peter
    24 dagen geleden

    I actually literally can’t wait for the day when these burn in his presence, il smile

  96. Brown Hat
    Brown Hat
    24 dagen geleden

    This is the first time that I have ever agreed with one of Mr. Maher's viewpoint. Is he developing common sense?

  97. bluebird
    24 dagen geleden

    This cultural version of Robespierre tactics is starting to catch up with its users

  98. Kevin Burks
    Kevin Burks
    24 dagen geleden

    LOL when Bill is telling you that you are absolutely nuts especially on the side he usually sides with...GAME OVER doo doo doo do doooh...!

  99. Manny Rodriguez
    Manny Rodriguez
    24 dagen geleden

    Can we take a sec and realize, once Bill Maher peacefully passes away. Who could even take his place?

  100. CatWoman
    24 dagen geleden

    I voiced my support for free speech for all and my anger for bowing to religious fundamentalism which betrays the very principles that liberalism stands for and my two best friends looked at me like they I’d just said “kill refugees on sight”. They both affirmed their support of cancel culture and claimed that you shouldn’t be allowed to say what you like. When I asked one of them who gets to decide what’s acceptable to say and who the arbiter of decency is, she said “me”. 🤷‍♀️