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Is the Elon Musk Bitcoin crash over or will there be more pain the crypto markets! Elon's Musk's tweet crashed the crypto market, leaving many concerned about the price of Bitcoin and Altcoins over the coming days or weeks! Today, we we use informed data to discuss whether it's time to buy or the worst is yet to come!

We also cover an Altcoin that set to ABSOLUTELY EXPLODE over the next few days, weeks and MAYBE EVEN MONTHS?! If we get in NOW, it will be our most profitable trade of the year!!!

Dog coins were clogging the Ethereum network, but Vitalik took a strike at the doggy projects last night to free congestion on the network. The results caused a severe crash in the prices of these coins! Is Vitalik a hero or a villan?


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00:00 Introduction
08:30 Banter bag winner
10:00 BTC news
22:20 Cardano chart
25:50 Etherum chart
27:30 What Sheldon would be buying right now
30:00 Yield finance talk
37:30 Temporary Inflation
39:00 Why did Bitcoin come down yesterday
43:00 Yearn finance talk
46:00 Kusama talk
47:20 Kusama chart
50:20 Kusama announcement
52:30 Polkadot


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