How I fixed MONTHS OF ACNE Overnight (No Acutane)

Acne sucks. Here's how to fix it forever.
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00:00 - Intro
02:20 - The Science of Acne
08:53 - First time Cooking Chicken Liver
19:22 - Trying Chicken Liver for the first time
25:25 - Months of Acne Fixed Overnight
28:42 - Trying Beef Liver for the first time (In 10+ Years)


  1. Young Don The Sauce God Vlogs
    Young Don The Sauce God Vlogs
    2 maanden geleden

    If you are dealing with acne, this one's for you. Also, I forgot to ask for y'all to like the video, so do that. Thanks.

    1. Cyari Williams
      Cyari Williams
      16 dagen geleden

      @Kevin ¿?

    2. Richad Harris
      Richad Harris
      20 dagen geleden

      1. 7hrs + sleep 2. Cold showers/ luke warm showers 3. Cleanse everyday 4. Exfoliate twice a week 5. Stay away from too much gluten, diary and sugar 6. Sweat out the toxins 7. Use Anti-oxidants

    3. Ripan Judge
      Ripan Judge
      Maand geleden

      uhhh two months to late this video already started acutane no turning back now FUCK

    4. Zen itsu
      Zen itsu
      Maand geleden

      Ok fam I gotcha

    5. Snowdrop The Hedgehog
      Snowdrop The Hedgehog
      2 maanden geleden

      Yo Don turmeric and honey are also great for your skin mixed together and apply it to the skin and keep it on for 25 min and do that after you shower it works wonders

  2. Isn'tGray
    6 dagen geleden

    If anyone’s here is struggling with acne a oily skin I suggest you pick up some Salicylic acid either cleansers or serums. I know I’m late 😞 but hopefully I’m early enough to help out someone who needed to see this. That jawn worked like magic for me 😩

  3. Roblox Vlog
    Roblox Vlog
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    When I grow up I just ordered some food

  4. •Hextont •
    •Hextont •
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    12:23 I laughed so hard I coughed up my liver 😂

  5. Richad Harris
    Richad Harris
    20 dagen geleden

    1. 7hrs + sleep 2. Cold showers/ luke warm showers 3. Cleanse everyday 4. Exfoliate twice a week 5. Stay away from too much gluten, diary and sugar 6. Sweat out the toxins 7. Use Anti-oxidants

  6. Richad Harris
    Richad Harris
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    These vlogs firee 🔥❗

  7. Richad Harris
    Richad Harris
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    Use geologie

  8. Unknownim Us
    Unknownim Us
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    Cant believe I've been watching young don for 4 years😭

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    lashea joyner
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    Why you ain't make enough rice for Dior, my boy hungry too

  10. Cyril McEachnie
    Cyril McEachnie
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    next thing lemme add jelly lol

  11. Cyril McEachnie
    Cyril McEachnie
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    the way Dior jump back that shit was funny

  12. Ahmed Elsabrouty
    Ahmed Elsabrouty
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    Bruh this man went to Chick-fil-A over some liver

  13. WovenBruh
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    HAH! GAYYYYY that literally killed me

  14. Hannah
    29 dagen geleden

    Duuuude you gotta start eating Kimchi, I have an autoimmune disorder and it not only helped me have a healthier gut but it also helped my skin so much cause there’s a lot of good vitamins in it. 12/10 recommend 🙌🏼

  15. KingTadz
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    Yes youngdon

  16. KingTadz
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    Ok learning from this

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    Next vid: hair care?

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    Angela Christmas
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    plz make a cartoon of this plzzzzzzz

  21. PNT Polarized
    PNT Polarized
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    Don u gotta cook it longer so it hard bro lo

  22. Christianx
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    There’s juice in a bag at Olive Garden

  23. JAKE FAM
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    i think i might be eating liver now

  24. JAKE FAM
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    Don- cuts off part of his nail* dang look at that puts a bandaid on it.

  25. Antonio Miles
    Antonio Miles
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    I feel the pain too man

  26. Luyanda Mazibuko
    Luyanda Mazibuko
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    Tip that I've learnt: don't cook the livers and onions separately. Add the onions to the pan w/ garlic, capsicums and your preferred seasoning then add the livers 💛

  27. jt tray
    jt tray
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    and soft

  28. jt tray
    jt tray
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    the liver like mushy

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    more fuckng videos my dude

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    Yow don call your mom next time... mi nuh think yuh fi fry it....👀👀

  31. Somurno Richardson
    Somurno Richardson
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    Stew liver is perfection 👌 try it

  32. RaurZ
    Maand geleden

    I just had chicken liver and I can confirm everything don says is true.

  33. Andrei Secan
    Andrei Secan
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    Dude I'm gonna be eating 20kg of liver, zinc and celinium every day cuz my acne is fucking bonkers

  34. JBBAllC
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    🤣🤣I can't do it no more the texture. You know how tomatoes are

  35. Aasi Ngcofe
    Aasi Ngcofe
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    Bra I don't think that is chicken lever

  36. Aasi Ngcofe
    Aasi Ngcofe
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    Fan girl here just want to say keep up with what you are doing ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  37. Kylie Herrmann
    Kylie Herrmann
    Maand geleden

    for anyone with acne scars and wanting the to fade....vitamin E will be ur bestfriend, It will also help if u have dry skin. basically all u needa do is after u wash ur face or wtv apply like a tiny bit to the areas u have scarring....

  38. Asya Barre
    Asya Barre
    Maand geleden

    Liver and onions are traditional dish in my country we eat it with bread or anjelo but we don't eat chicken liver lol we eat camel or goat liver or sheep only Avacado and liver in the same plate that's alot of fat bro

  39. Ja’Bralyn Seymore
    Ja’Bralyn Seymore
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    You gotta soak the liver in milk to get rid of the taste

  40. Chevon Porter
    Chevon Porter
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    lmao man, being jamaican, im used to liver, love it even.....kinda hurt to see don throw it out

  41. Tarique Branford
    Tarique Branford
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    Sweet pepper nigga

  42. Hannah
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    The texture of liver reminds me of like chicken that’s been boiled for waaaay too long 😂

  43. Jason Estrella
    Jason Estrella
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    The progression of him throwing away everything and driving to chickfila was hilarious 😂 and masterfully edited

  44. Tomi Animations
    Tomi Animations
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    Don could you please please! Link what music you use in your animated videos.

  45. Esri
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    Try making some Liver Kababs

  46. O. L. Andrew
    O. L. Andrew
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    yooo I thought that it was your feet that you were insecure about

  47. Cameron None of your business
    Cameron None of your business
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    If you think that's bad eat tongue next

  48. MoPaccin
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    100k on the second channel???

  49. Salted Wafflez
    Salted Wafflez
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    Put it on bread hundred times better

  50. Moki Loki
    Moki Loki
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    can we know what your mom looks like :D i heard shes really pretty and wonderful. if its not to much to ask

  51. Ed the Rosscast
    Ed the Rosscast
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    Hey Don recommendation if you let the liver sit in milk or butter milk it helps with the strong taste and odder

  52. seeker_manifest 77
    seeker_manifest 77
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    TRY SEAMOSS BRO and everyone who’s struggling with acne

  53. J- Ranger
    J- Ranger
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    Bro just get some curology

  54. BopCITY
    Maand geleden

    im actually on accutane rn and lemme tell you the DRYNESS is kinda horrendous but you can still deal with it. Im gon try this and hopefully it works 👏🏾

  55. R4SH
    Maand geleden

    yeah yall got clear skin but doesnt mean u dont have the best, because if you use a good face wash and moisturizer, your skin gona be clean AND glowing. if u just use water and barsoap u have dirty skin even if its clear.

  56. Mario Goated
    Mario Goated
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    You put so much oil in the pan.

  57. T lee
    T lee
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    I felt that video when you try to be a chef and that shit goes bad so you run to a restaurant pissed

  58. Lust
    Maand geleden

    That looks like fungal acne bro use cleansers with salicylic acid and a shampoo called nizoral

  59. kendal phillips
    kendal phillips
    Maand geleden

    Vitamin A cream helps with Acne

  60. Gerald Watson
    Gerald Watson
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    Aye dawg beef liver trash too, don't get your hopes up fam.

  61. Rohan Shields Jr
    Rohan Shields Jr
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    do you should try using different seasning so the chicken liver does taste too much like shit.

  62. Harperz Island
    Harperz Island
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    My guy did all this preparation just to go to chick fil a 😂

  63. Okuyasu Imposter
    Okuyasu Imposter
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    sucks to have acne

  64. ᴀꜱᴛʀᴏ
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    Bro i actually listened to don talk about acne and enjoyed it lol

  65. Ma`at
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    Seeing don cry made me wanna cry 🥺🥺💔💔💔 Edit: 2 seconds in and he said “ I cant handle these onions “🤦🏿‍♀️🤦🏿‍♀️🤦🏿‍♀️😂😂😂😂

  66. Theo Radimo
    Theo Radimo
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    Just remembered you had dreads

  67. Ndalo Mthembu
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  68. Andrew Binns
    Andrew Binns
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    Hey uh..would this be relevant with a person with blackheads??? on face and stuff...

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    Kristian Hospedales
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    you look like jahvillani

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    Lmao ngl i did tht connect dots shit n i made a ?, w

  71. xxx wizzy boy
    xxx wizzy boy
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    He drop that bit in the trash and cleaned his teeth like he ate a human eye bro man almost destroyed the kitchen and he went to buy Sam food after he wasted it like it was just full of shit

  72. JamSkull
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    Doesn't red meat sit on your stomach tho?

  73. ZaMadryd
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    Drink water everyday it helps me

  74. Orbott A
    Orbott A
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    cow liver tastes rly good to me 🤠

    1. Orbott A
      Orbott A
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      gotta try cow, think u said u using chicken rn

  75. Yv Ng
    Yv Ng
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    yo don could you please post more often on this Chanel

  76. Ricardo Loy
    Ricardo Loy
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    Chicken liver and beef liver are totally different Chicken has soft liver beef has hard liver

  77. Ricardo Loy
    Ricardo Loy
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    Can't wait for next week's vlog

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    Loving the vlogs

  79. GettoTheGreat
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    a lot of jamaican food spots sell liver as like a breakfast-lunch kinda meal It is hard for me to believe that you only had liver twice

    1. Balla boi
      Balla boi
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      Yeah liver and kidney

  80. L J
    L J
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    Don,you doin ya thang bro I be watchin all the videos on each channel 🤟🏽❤️

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    Love all the Don channels🤟🏽❤️

  82. Jaden Maxwell
    Jaden Maxwell
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    Hey don I love your vibes bro I’m trini and the best way to eat liver is stewed

  83. Jaded Joey
    Jaded Joey
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    “Very different swallow” 💀

  84. Josh
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    bro i ate liver as a kid never liked the taste but man ive never seen that texture

  85. Talkative Bard
    Talkative Bard
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    Dr. And chef Donald looking out for your skin and dietary needs

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    Tyrone Dasher
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    These videos are sooooo Entertaining

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    when nigga put the avocado on the plate i done died🤣

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    23:48 I felt that.

  89. Nevuuu
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    I ain’t Eva eat liver in ma life mate

  90. A N
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    Not u jacking the 1/3lb of chicken. Liver 🤣

  91. Rae' nbow
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    you could try making liver patties and fry them, trial and error youll find something

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    Anyone ever tell you that you're handsome bro?

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    The way Americans say "vitamins" 😂🔥

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    Why’d you delete you’re old vlogs ?

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      ethan schlacter
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      @Sir Z Gaming yeah tons form like last year and the year before that

    2. Sir Z Gaming
      Sir Z Gaming
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      he did?

  95. Aoun Wasti
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    To make the onions not hurt put a wet napkin or cloth next to your cutting board and the juices go there and not your eyes.

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    Beef liver tastes better. I like to eat it with mustard 🤭🤭

  97. A N
    A N
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    It be the biotin in those hair pills causing skin irritations. It slways doesssss they might as well say it’s a symptom not a side effect

  98. Kwacha Chilando
    Kwacha Chilando
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    Try beef liver Don

  99. Sasha Oluoch
    Sasha Oluoch
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    Could you make a video on how to make your hair grow faster please 🥺

  100. Pmania 15
    Pmania 15
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    Pâté the liver Nd eat it with crackers. That way you can snack on it throughout the week, Nd u don’t have to deal with texture.