Golden Buzzer: Nightbirde's Original Song Makes Simon Cowell Emotional - America's Got Talent 2021

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  1. sammy sweetheart
    sammy sweetheart
    24 minuten geleden

    she sounds like Halsey

  2. yustiwati angu bima
    yustiwati angu bima
    Uur geleden

    Sound so good 😢

  3. Cameron Gray
    Cameron Gray
    Uur geleden

    I’m not crying you’re crying

  4. Jason C
    Jason C
    Uur geleden

    Lol, Terry should've busted out a mic and sang along like in white chick's. 🤣

  5. Chirine Ben Mustapha
    Chirine Ben Mustapha
    2 uur geleden

    "i have 2 % of survival but 2 is not 0" "2 is something and i wish people knew how amazing it is"

  6. freddy bukasa
    freddy bukasa
    2 uur geleden

    It's okay 💪💪💪

  7. memzo
    2 uur geleden

    She’s so cute and i cannot believe she’s 30! Plus,that was an awkward moment where there was extreme silence after she finished singing.

  8. Chris Hansen
    Chris Hansen
    3 uur geleden

    I hope she got that golden buzzer because of how great she was and not out of pity.

  9. Layla S
    Layla S
    4 uur geleden

    Nightbirde please please please get Anthony William, Medical Medium’s books and follow his advice perfectly in every way, AND YOU WILL HEAL...!!!😃

  10. Lonely Potato
    Lonely Potato
    4 uur geleden

    "It's important that everyone knows I'm so much more than the bad things that happen to me"

  11. Riad Boukraa
    Riad Boukraa
    4 uur geleden

    The 3 seconds of silence at the end... it was God

  12. Daniel Forget
    Daniel Forget
    5 uur geleden

    Wow, she is amazing and very courageous, with all the people that watched you will give enough prays for the 2% to go 100%. She has a beautiful angelic smile. As for the tan, i wonder if its not "the bronze killer" (hemochromatosis, iron overload 1/250 Caucasian got it) Although very rare for a young woman to have problem at her age, but know a few cases.

  13. fm737
    5 uur geleden

    from france

  14. fm737
    5 uur geleden

    she is born in 1969.. ...certainly.......the year off the chicken off earth the voice off the bird the messenger off god in the mythologie astral . yes i love you . him too

  15. manong ilocano
    manong ilocano
    6 uur geleden

    I will pray for you..Just believe that nothing is impossible in gods grace..♥️♥️♥️

  16. Rockyee
    6 uur geleden

    Wow 😍

  17. Ivan Zaytsev
    Ivan Zaytsev
    7 uur geleden

    I love your voice and your imagination. Thank you so much for “It’s okay “

  18. I’m Ola
    I’m Ola
    7 uur geleden

    Omg she has to win!!! You got this girl!!

  19. Zaifaarc Rizal
    Zaifaarc Rizal
    7 uur geleden

    Hi..nice voice.. unique voice....simple person...I like...night bird voice like Janet Devlin voice.... unique...thanks

  20. Joshua Paulito
    Joshua Paulito
    7 uur geleden

    I've been watching this since day 1.

  21. Briana Smith
    Briana Smith
    8 uur geleden

    She is Beautiful!

  22. Briana Smith
    Briana Smith
    8 uur geleden

    Just Beautiful!

  23. Thes Jumaquio
    Thes Jumaquio
    9 uur geleden

    I love you.

  24. Kimlin Quash
    Kimlin Quash
    9 uur geleden

    Beautiful song, Beautiful voice, Beautiful girl.

  25. Gaurav Bisht
    Gaurav Bisht
    10 uur geleden

    You have amazing voice Trust me you are better than original singers God bless you Stay blessed Get well soon 😘😘😘🥰

  26. Ev
    11 uur geleden


  27. Cassidy Happy
    Cassidy Happy
    13 uur geleden

    It's ok i cry !??

  28. Danny van tol
    Danny van tol
    13 uur geleden

    She is what humanity is all about , such a great person

  29. Sandro Delli Rocili
    Sandro Delli Rocili
    15 uur geleden

    as good as it is sweet

  30. Quantum Exia
    Quantum Exia
    17 uur geleden

    She has an amazing score, voice, personality, and creative mind. I’d say she’s better than most pop culture singers nowadays

  31. Danny Jauch
    Danny Jauch
    17 uur geleden

    I just fell in love with her I'm a Christian and I know she's in a better place now and my plans were to always buy me a little dog for company and I named her Jane and when I heard that she passed away it broke my heart it was like losing one of my own

  32. Antonio Gonzales
    Antonio Gonzales
    18 uur geleden

    I have lupus, and my son has graves disease and this amazing angel. , has taught you are more then the mad things that happen to you! Thank you for your amazing Grace! May God bless you with the health and strength that you need, to get better!

  33. NANA FF
    19 uur geleden

    2% is not 0% , 2% is something

  34. Marichu Montemayor
    Marichu Montemayor
    21 uur geleden

    I can't believe this woman had a chance to go on stage with her beautiful song and inspire everyone to be happy and brave until her last day of living and It's okay to be lost sometimes though it hurts also to lost someone you love when they lost but it's alright.

  35. geyer olivier
    geyer olivier
    22 uur geleden

    je suis Français cancer du poumon stade 3 et même si je n'est pas tout compris cette femme a une force que je n'aurai jamais

  36. Gilbo Gabbins
    Gilbo Gabbins
    22 uur geleden

    This girl should get a gold buzzer just for her amazing quotes.

    1. Junipers Life
      Junipers Life
      5 uur geleden

      She did

  37. Mimi B-L
    Mimi B-L
    22 uur geleden

    Please Nightbirde Survive!!!

  38. Javier Rodriguez
    Javier Rodriguez
    22 uur geleden

    She is. DuelSS$$ Fiends Stage($$SS) of History($$SS) WondersWorlds tv Chanel BiblettSS tt$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ttDNAdeatyNAtt$$$$$$$$$$$$$$tt

  39. isaacT
    Dag geleden


  40. Katherene Taylor
    Katherene Taylor
    Dag geleden


  41. 김신철
    Dag geleden

    WoW! It' so beautiful!

  42. Athéna84
    Dag geleden

    This silence before applause... just a magic moment.

  43. Alex Chan
    Alex Chan
    Dag geleden

    Hauntingly beautiful voice. Her strength and determination are just unbelievable. Can't wait for her performance in the finals

  44. Vesna Popovic
    Vesna Popovic
    Dag geleden


  45. Jpatrick Collum
    Jpatrick Collum
    Dag geleden

    I love this girl so much

  46. Janetube Gacha
    Janetube Gacha
    Dag geleden

    I just watch this video because I was think that she was Grace Vanderwaal but no I umm... cry? I just tell myself How strong could she be? with cancer in lungs etc. and i think this video told me something and its that if I'm sick, sad or something else ...all it's gonna be OK Its ok and allright .

  47. Brandon R
    Brandon R
    Dag geleden

    What a beautiful soul and remarkable god given talent

    Dag geleden

    The song sucked didn't deserve golden buzzer

    Dag geleden

    Night bird is such a lesbian name 😂

  50. Renè Rasmussen
    Renè Rasmussen
    Dag geleden

    i can onley cry when see this.

  51. Underwood Zoltán
    Underwood Zoltán
    Dag geleden

    Her personality and positive state of mind just outstanding... Her voice remember me for Lorde too. I like both of them.

  52. Maliyvn
    Dag geleden

    i'll die for her

  53. Kabelo Drew Tshehla
    Kabelo Drew Tshehla
    Dag geleden

    That is all the motivation I need to face the rest of my life. I'm a grown man and I'm tearing down. Thank you Nightbirde.

  54. May Nguyen
    May Nguyen
    Dag geleden

    I did not expect this. Cried the whole way through. Love the positivity and sending you love.

  55. Thùy Trần
    Thùy Trần
    Dag geleden

    Can you help me? Pl share with me name song play when Simon Golden Buzzer. Thank you so much!

    1. ellie_sunshine
      8 uur geleden

      Joy Oladokun - Breathe Again

  56. Fabio Flores
    Fabio Flores
    Dag geleden

    * Sentimientos encontrados *

  57. Seymour Titt
    Seymour Titt
    Dag geleden

    Totally uplifting !

  58. dreamworld golden
    dreamworld golden
    Dag geleden

    I'm really no have nothing to say, because your reason to fully to enough make me so sad 😥 I'm very proud of you.

  59. Nasro Nasro
    Nasro Nasro
    Dag geleden

    All i can say she so beautiful and sweet ❤️

  60. AP
    Dag geleden

    I have very limited musical sense but I have never heard anything more beautiful than this. Ever. This is insanely good and she's unbelievably pretty. Alejandro Arana tbh was one singer who totally blew me away too. Him and then Nightbird.

  61. Sara Stainbrook
    Sara Stainbrook
    Dag geleden

    She by far is my favorite! I had tears streaming down my face.

  62. Lee Je Sang Gaming
    Lee Je Sang Gaming
    Dag geleden

    Auhhh~~~ That line touched my heart 💔 😭 : You can't wait until life isn't hard anymore before you decide to be happy.

  63. Grigor Nikolov
    Grigor Nikolov
    Dag geleden

    Simon is a really, really good person! He has done so much in his life for so many people.

  64. demon king
    demon king
    Dag geleden

    She deserves this golden buzzer Her soul is so strong

  65. Swatantra Dwivedi
    Swatantra Dwivedi
    Dag geleden

    Thank you 😊

  66. Ashekin Abir
    Ashekin Abir
    Dag geleden

    This video will make you cry.

  67. Abdul Majeed
    Abdul Majeed
    Dag geleden

    2% is not zero amazing and heartfelt praying for soon recovery and to be winner

  68. Ate Banana
    Ate Banana
    Dag geleden

    Who disliked 😒

  69. Director Majoni
    Director Majoni
    Dag geleden

    She's a blessing to the whole universe..

  70. Andrew mate
    Andrew mate
    Dag geleden

    She’s one of the most wholesome people I know

  71. Ramswaroop Garwa
    Ramswaroop Garwa
    Dag geleden

    You are brave , inspirational for so many cancer patients ..your voice is amazing touch my heart deeply 😊❤️ saty safe & happy

  72. Lina W
    Lina W
    Dag geleden

    i love how she looks at the bright side of things and doesn’t let cancer get in the way of what she wants to do or use it as a sob story

  73. im fine
    im fine
    Dag geleden


  74. BESHOW😍Z
    Dag geleden

    ♥♥♥ it's ok

  75. Gateway To Airguns
    Gateway To Airguns
    Dag geleden

    Its obvious somethings wrong with Simon. I hope its not cancer as well

  76. Jim Mullin1234
    Jim Mullin1234
    Dag geleden

    I watch this & I feel like such a p***y,whining about things that dont go my way No more of that.From now on Ill be thankful for what Ive got.I dont know if she'll make it but because of her,I know I will.Thanks Jane

  77. Daniella Nuncia
    Daniella Nuncia
    Dag geleden

    She reminds me so much of Halsey

  78. C
    Dag geleden

    She reminds me of Carole King!

  79. z power
    z power
    Dag geleden

    Here I am in my hospital bed, just had invasive, 7hr spinal surgery. Dr. Said I would have been paralyzed if I didn't come when I did. But, it's OK, because all the bad that caused it, I burned those pages too☺️. But her message just made me instantly BALL😭. AS bad as you think you have it, someone like her has it so much Worse... But look at how optimistic she is! She has taught me Sooo much, God Bless you my dear 🙏

  80. Lorien Kam
    Lorien Kam
    2 dagen geleden

    The kind of singing that no one wants to interrupt! ...the silence at the end was deafening!

  81. Bruce7
    2 dagen geleden

    @3:28 It looked like Simon was contemplating the "Button"

  82. Club Caleb Videos
    Club Caleb Videos
    2 dagen geleden


  83. donvincenzoo
    2 dagen geleden

    WOOOOOOW !! LOVE THAT VOICE !! i want to here more on spotify everyday !! and that strong mind !!! LOVE THAT !! A perfect light that light some cande in the universe ! AMAZING

  84. hitbox
    2 dagen geleden

    Thanks for the goosebumps

  85. runnerz crew
    runnerz crew
    2 dagen geleden

    her voice reminds me about another singing audition, it was a teenage girl i believe with almost the same kind of voice and singing tempo, she was a blonde girl i believe with longer "wild"hairstyle. anyone knows who she was? i can't find it anymore :( i would love to compare these 2 auditions

  86. Tristan Robinson
    Tristan Robinson
    2 dagen geleden

    So um when can this be available on Spotify 😅

  87. Shxne
    2 dagen geleden


  88. Tova
    2 dagen geleden

    So I know it's more of "America's got pity" but this girl is AMAZING😯💜

  89. Preston Pierson
    Preston Pierson
    2 dagen geleden

    I'm not crying. You're crying

  90. خالد العنزي #الهلال
    خالد العنزي #الهلال
    2 dagen geleden

    This girl is my hero and my inspiration since I saw this clip

  91. Tojo is online
    Tojo is online
    2 dagen geleden

    A pure soul.. She knows the meaning of life, true meaning of life..what a soul!! Am speechless...

  92. Baal93Ash
    2 dagen geleden

    cute like an elven in TESO wtf i just want to put a bad joke but i stay for her voice

  93. L.C B
    L.C B
    2 dagen geleden

    she is so gorgeous tho! wow. and her voice is so beautiful while both talking and singing

  94. Whimsy Smith
    Whimsy Smith
    2 dagen geleden

    2% IS something, she is something. She is one in a million, a miracle, and I’m gonna believe in a miracle for her, because if it possible for willpower to win, I think she has that.

  95. Jon Skywalker
    Jon Skywalker
    2 dagen geleden

    She is ok!!!!!

  96. Sonika Pereira
    Sonika Pereira
    2 dagen geleden

    I love her voice so much, she has a beautiful voice. My mom is a cancer survivor, I know exactly what she been through 😥 may God bless you and heal you. Stay strong I know it's not easy to fighting with cancer. But knew that I love you and I'm sure everyone else do too.

  97. Dilbung Polthi
    Dilbung Polthi
    2 dagen geleden

    Omg 😩😢god bless you n get well soon