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Having freedom doesn't mean you're free. Catch up on Emily's journey before the Season 4 premiere on April 28, 2021. Seasons 1-3 of The Handmaid’s Tale are streaming now only on Hulu.
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  1. Amethyst the Beloved
    Amethyst the Beloved
    12 dagen geleden

    This is a horrible parallel universe for Rory Gilmore :(

  2. vivi rahmawati
    vivi rahmawati
    17 dagen geleden

    It's just I think everyone who leaves Gilead will never be the same person anymore. And it's soo sad, even though they have freedom they'll never be truly free.

  3. The Dogood Letters
    The Dogood Letters
    18 dagen geleden

    I honestly feel like she is the one who is gonna walk away with the most issues because of how her life was in Gilead. She seems really strong but not as mentally resilient.

  4. Kerry Luckett
    Kerry Luckett
    18 dagen geleden

    And to think, Emily commits suicide in the book. She is instrumental in the movement in the series. Good choice!

  5. alejandra figueroa
    alejandra figueroa
    22 dagen geleden

    Here all causal waiting for the next journey Hulu will post

  6. Davi Lima Fotografias
    Davi Lima Fotografias
    25 dagen geleden


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  8. Elisabeth Pelka
    Elisabeth Pelka
    27 dagen geleden

    Jag är rädd att en sådan verklighet förbereds för oss av högerregeringar och män.

  9. deadoralive cowboy
    deadoralive cowboy
    27 dagen geleden

    She has the saddest story.

  10. Alexia
    27 dagen geleden

    I can’t wait to see her thrive and become more confident with herself!

  11. Klára Leblochová
    Klára Leblochová
    27 dagen geleden

    I'm feeling really mad about how badly she treats June now. She stayed to save more people and her daughter, she gave up her daughter so she could be safe. She didn't just put her away, she sacrificed herself in so many ways, she's probably gonna die anyways, for the others and now Emily is the one, who judges her? Seriously? That's a big no from me.

  12. Ashley Greeley
    Ashley Greeley
    27 dagen geleden

    Seems like a movie trailer! Hard to believe it's a show! So pumped for the next season!

  13. Elidon Bardhi
    Elidon Bardhi
    27 dagen geleden

    Rory gilmore is all grown up

  14. No Way
    No Way
    27 dagen geleden

    What show is that girl from?

    1. No Way
      No Way
      27 dagen geleden

      @Fatima H thanks she still looks really young

    2. Fatima H
      Fatima H
      27 dagen geleden

      Gilmore girls. She also was in Mad Men for a bit.

  15. Cc
    27 dagen geleden

    Who does that? Someone who can't leave their first child behind?

    1. El. St. XX
      El. St. XX
      16 dagen geleden

      I feel she would after the 3rd episode :( and we saw in trailer she would come to canada

  16. angga septian
    angga septian
    27 dagen geleden

    Look at 0:48 and pause. There are four people there, Emely, Moira, Rita, and JUNE?

    1. Shatoshia Mays
      Shatoshia Mays
      25 dagen geleden

      Good catch!

    2. angga septian
      angga septian
      25 dagen geleden

      @Laura Boutilier it's there. look again. It's june

    3. Laura Boutilier
      Laura Boutilier
      25 dagen geleden

      I do not see a 4th person

    4. Alexia
      27 dagen geleden

      @Klára Leblochová to make us have hope and more excited to watch

    5. angga septian
      angga septian
      27 dagen geleden

      @Klára Leblochová rite. It's definitely her. Can't wait to watch it

  17. Johan Lettinga
    Johan Lettinga
    27 dagen geleden

    Does anyone one know the name of the music in this clip?

  18. sepehr m
    sepehr m
    28 dagen geleden

    All the LGBTQ+ people in Iran, feel what Emily has felt in Gilead.

    1. Pedro Gonçalves
      Pedro Gonçalves
      22 dagen geleden

      Every atrocity that takes place in Gilead has actually happened or still happens somewhere in the world, this was said by Margaret Atwood herself. I think that's one of the reasons this show is so important and necessary as an eye-opener cautionary tale.

    2. zakaria debbagh
      zakaria debbagh
      25 dagen geleden

      Not just iran i'm afraid.

  19. Kevin Ortega-Rojas
    Kevin Ortega-Rojas
    28 dagen geleden

    I am so grateful to Alexis Bledel as a part of this show. She has grown so much since Gilmore Girls and Tuck Everlasting. God she is so amazing in this. I love this woman.

  20. Video Games And The World
    Video Games And The World
    28 dagen geleden

    F--- You Gilead! Can't wait for this season

  21. Magdalena Schweickhardt
    Magdalena Schweickhardt
    28 dagen geleden

    June stayed to rescue her daughter. If Emily hadn't left as well she might go herself so save Holly/Nicole but she trusted Emily to get her out of there so she could go and save Hannah. I'm sorry but Moira is Hannah's Godmother. That means if something happens to Luke and June she takes care of Hannah. It might not be Hannah but in a way something happened to June. I'm my opinion, since she is out of there and safe, she should stick up to her promise and take care of Nicole until June gets back.

    1. M M
      M M
      27 dagen geleden

      But isn't that what Moira does? She and Luke take care of Nicole in season 3. And I don't think they really are mad at June for staying behind or think she is not a good mother because she gave her baby to Emily. For me that scene feels like that they themselves have some kind of survivor guilt and they feel guilty that they are out and can't to much at the moment while June stayed behind to save others. They think June is brave af and need to make a but fun of it to feel better for themselves.

    2. Eva Gerritsen
      Eva Gerritsen
      28 dagen geleden


    3. Eva Gerritsen
      Eva Gerritsen
      28 dagen geleden

      Yeah i cant help but hate Emily and Moira in the first scene. :/

  22. Sara Grande
    Sara Grande
    28 dagen geleden

    I love Emily so much 🥺

  23. Shanyque Lennon
    Shanyque Lennon
    28 dagen geleden

    So ready for this next season

  24. Halil Andrew Medina
    Halil Andrew Medina
    28 dagen geleden

    Emily's Journey So Far Gives me Hope when all seems Impossible!

    1. April Thomas
      April Thomas
      12 dagen geleden

      @Ken Nicholson right.. is it me or her wife seem brand new

    2. April Thomas
      April Thomas
      12 dagen geleden

      i feeel you bro.. she is STRONGGGG

    3. Colin Thinks
      Colin Thinks
      21 dag geleden

      X C x x

    4. Ken Nicholson
      Ken Nicholson
      28 dagen geleden

      Although she's been reunited with her family, somehow she still feels cut off.

  25. Cody
    28 dagen geleden


  26. Chris Morris
    Chris Morris
    28 dagen geleden

    Emily is my favorite character, by far.

    1. Arielschant
      28 dagen geleden


    2. Enzo
      28 dagen geleden

      Rita is great as well

    3. Enzo
      28 dagen geleden


    4. brunettekoala
      28 dagen geleden

      Emily, Moira and Rita are my faves. I hope we see more of them.

  27. Akash
    28 dagen geleden

    Boy Oh Boy This Series ( and HULU❤️❤️) never gets tired to provide Women With Power....Nice... Love the Handmaids Tale ❤️❤️ Love Hulu ❤️❤️

  28. Sophia Davenport
    Sophia Davenport
    28 dagen geleden

    Alexis Bidel is gorgeous I loved seeing her acting roles since Gilmore girls.

    1. Rayna Ramsay
      Rayna Ramsay
      27 dagen geleden


    2. H K
      H K
      28 dagen geleden

      I loved her in Sin City :)

  29. امي جنه
    امي جنه
    28 dagen geleden


  30. Michael eppard lee
    Michael eppard lee
    28 dagen geleden