Clarkson Is Astonished By The Self-Driving Tesla Model X | The Grand Tour

74 000 Weergaven 4 mln.

Making sure we aren't susceptible to any legal action, Clarkson takes a team of lawyers to test out the Tesla Model X.

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Join Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May as they travel across the globe on their Grand Tour. A show about adventure, excitement and friendship… as long as you accept that the people you call friends are also the ones you find extremely annoying. Sometimes it’s even a show about cars, reviewing Italian classics, hot hatchbacks, muscle cars, pick-up trucks, luxury vehicles and more. There’s something for everyone (If you like middle-aged men doing things with cars, then this is the show for you!)

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    Once upon a time, he made fun of Tesla Roadster on the Top Gear show now he is astonished by their growth

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    Paul Abbott
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    Clarkson has mispelt 'arse'!

  6. Jamie Sint
    Jamie Sint
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    The first sketch clearly shows how much you appreciate reproduction Jeremy!

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    Dag geleden

    Stig vs tesla autopilot would be great

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    Finally, a song I can recognize! Winter Linn!

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    Black ★
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    Damn 156 Thousand pounds....that's a lot of weight for a car.

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    -_-ThisNameIsCreative AsFuck-_-
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    1:05 pretty patterns huh? 😂

  28. Indi Anna
    Indi Anna
    2 dagen geleden

    So basically tesla made a car. That the common working man couldn't ever afford.

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    Phil Martin
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    How bloody much ? Not going to sell many of them then!

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    The buffoon finally seeing sense.

  46. Sanjay Patel
    Sanjay Patel
    4 dagen geleden

    That’s a epic car

    1. Sanjay Patel
      Sanjay Patel
      2 dagen geleden

      thanks bro

  47. Steffan Rhys Williams
    Steffan Rhys Williams
    4 dagen geleden

    "What you just take what a car manufacturer says as being gospel? Vauxhall says its car's are exciting." IM DEAD 😭

  48. Thomas Bihn
    Thomas Bihn
    4 dagen geleden

    He gives terrible advice about lane centering. It should be used as a supplement to driving, not a reason to not pay attention. It gives you the opportunity to pay more attention to the vehicles around you and should be used as such.

  49. falconvoyage
    4 dagen geleden

    you buy the car but dont want to see. that painful!

  50. Lee Neale
    Lee Neale
    4 dagen geleden

    From £81,990

  51. krnchippy
    4 dagen geleden

    Can't believe Clarkson is suckered in by these idiotic gimmicks! What a sellout...

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    Nihilist Zero
    5 dagen geleden

    Dont care what clarkson says if it aint internal combustion engine and manual gear box it just isnt driving end of. Wouldnt own an ev if i got one for free, they are incredibly hazardous on motorways and god help you if your behind one when it breaks down.

  55. MemeReviewer
    5 dagen geleden

    Fun fact, Elon Musk is not the founder of Tesla

  56. Jonathan Lang
    Jonathan Lang
    5 dagen geleden

    Funny how everyone talks about batteries catching on fire during a crash...when the alternative is lugging around a 20 gallon tank full of the most flammable liquid on the planet 🤣

    1. Brady Prince
      Brady Prince
      6 uur geleden

      Well the difference is that one catches fire if it hits anything really hot, like an engine, or it gets sparks thrown on it. While the other one should never catch fire unless it is improperly treated or maintained.

    2. Tx6 Tonoko
      Tx6 Tonoko
      14 uur geleden

      @G A L L A R D S It's going to make for some 1945 level spectacular accidents.

    3. G A L L A R D S
      G A L L A R D S
      4 dagen geleden

      That's why I still have a hope for the nuclear powered car that runs for decades in a single core.

  57. Verlon Baker
    Verlon Baker
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  58. Muskoka Mike
    Muskoka Mike
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    it's the end of the world as I know it....Jazzer liking an EV.....

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    Miguelón Pastor-Peris
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  60. Ad Am
    Ad Am
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    Audi put to shame 😂🤣

  61. Fnu Vikas
    Fnu Vikas
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    1:03 what did he draw😂

  62. Big P
    Big P
    5 dagen geleden

    Am i the only one who saw him draw a dick in the sketch book?

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    BlackPanther BP
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    1. GLR
      3 dagen geleden

      because back them Tesla was garbage mate.,

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    John the John
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  70. TeslaX On The Road
    TeslaX On The Road
    6 dagen geleden

    Smart summon feature, not really FSD like they have it in the U.S.

  71. Martin Whitney
    Martin Whitney
    6 dagen geleden

    He did not just draw a dick. Lol.

  72. Scott CZ
    Scott CZ
    7 dagen geleden

    If I had to choose the Tesla or the Audi.... I would choose the Audi

    7 dagen geleden

    KITT vieni a prendermi

  74. anthony Aguilar
    anthony Aguilar
    7 dagen geleden

    Why was he drawing a penis 🤔

  75. Spart T
    Spart T
    7 dagen geleden

    Just laughable how family suv beats supercar 😁 Elon musk just spitted in the face for other brands who developing supercars for 10 times longer, eats a galon of petrol to 10 miles and getting beaten by tesla😁 its expensive but omg its awesome car

  76. Carl Bro
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    How much was that Audi, and does it burst into flames when you roll it sideways down a hillside? By the way, a Tesla *can* extract itself from a parking space, but that feature isn’t yet authorised in Europe.

  79. david ccc
    david ccc
    7 dagen geleden

    Get a Tesla or just go back to your bicycle .

  80. Ling Zeng
    Ling Zeng
    8 dagen geleden

    tesla carplay central control screen :@t

  81. Peter Van Schepen
    Peter Van Schepen
    8 dagen geleden

    I remember the Top Gear episode where they ragged on the original model Tesla (which to be fair was a bit rubbish, poorly engineered and had loads of problems like any prototype would). It's nice to see that as Tesla's build quality has gotten massively better the boys have been willing to revise their opinions of them.

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    Wm. G. Thilgen Jr.
    8 dagen geleden

    Is there an algorithium in smart cars that determine which one gets the one parking spot available at Walmart for example. Smart cars depend on on sensors, sensors don't work for shit when the weather isn't good. I defy any of these smart cars to attempt to get "7" normal size adults inside.

  88. AMZ
    8 dagen geleden

    Jeremy: I can just draw pretty patterns and so on *proceeds to draw the male reproduction system*

  89. Joseph
    8 dagen geleden

    1:05 lol😂😂

  90. Mercy of the Living
    Mercy of the Living
    9 dagen geleden

    “Draw pretty patterns and so on”

    1. Shoam Tomer
      Shoam Tomer
      8 dagen geleden

      *continues to draw a penis* 🤣🤣

  91. Killen Ukont
    Killen Ukont
    9 dagen geleden

    I am surprised he didn't refer the front boot to being richard hamonds bedroom being how small richard is compared to Jeremy

  92. Matt Wrixon
    Matt Wrixon
    9 dagen geleden

    The dude just drew a dick on a Tesla screen. Legend.

  93. kyks
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  94. youtube sucks
    youtube sucks
    9 dagen geleden

    I’ll give it a year or two before Asians start ripping these cars off

    9 dagen geleden

    1:03 yup, thats jeremy clarkson right there ladies and gentlemen

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    Chandraprakash G
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    Aaron sky
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